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Found 165 results

  1. Now, I know this is a known issue, but the known issue says: "Raining inside buildings occasionally" but when in a ship, it is a 100% chance of snow and water coming in the ship covering everything in a layer of snow. And as I said it happens everytime when it snows/rains anchor being up or down. I also have no clue if this is even fixable, but I sure hope it is.
  2. Bug: When the protective barrier is activated and I attempt to deconstruct any object my character stops moving. I can still look around but I can't access any items.
  3. Hi, I tried deconstructing an extinguished fireplace on my base, which has Protective Barrier Generator activated, and got stuck. I held a Stone Hammer and left clicked on the extinguished fireplace to deconstruct it. Then nothing happened, but I can't move, can't click on anything: my inventory, hotbar, etc. I tried the /unstuck command and nothing happened. The only way to get out of this was to press Esc, and Quit to Main Menu, and then reload the game. Then everything was fine, that is, until I tried deconstructing the fireplace again.. Tried this twice, had the same result. Thanks.
  4. When I want to use my mine drill in my inventory, the game closes and I go to my desktop (I tested twice)
  5. Hi, When i Check the "Invert Y axis 3. person", in the control options it has no effect, have tried rebooting the game, and making a new game. still no effect. Vildensky
  6. prrapala

    KNOWN ISSUE Drill crash

    Clicking mining drill in inventory causes game to crash.
  7. In Explore mode, crafting a wooden beam causes the game to freeze. Also, I had the materials to craft 48 rope and when I pressed craft all, it caused the game to freeze. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  8. CPM2486

    KNOWN ISSUE Sleeping bug

    Hi again, Recently, I died while I was sleeping in a sleeping pad, and when I tried to lie on again it says "FAILED" and I can't lie on or sleep. Can I do something to fix it? Or I have to wait for the next update? This had happened me before, I lied on a bed (I didn't sleep) and a friend killed me while lied on. I hope this will be fixed. Edit: I can't lie on any type of bed
  9. I'm not able to place any size blueprint on my leveled area. I receive a message stating "There is Not Enough Space" utput_log_clean.txt. output_log.txt
  10. I uploaded a new map to our P1 Welcome Server on Thursday 1/24/19 . It was working for a few hours, then started having inventory issues, picking issues and now it doesn't show items that should be there. I killed a shark, the meat dropped but it's not "there". Chopped a tree, same thing. Killed a pig, same thing. My transport logics are broken, they worked yesterday morning, then stopped. And it seems like they are not working in any of the games that I have them in. I found a stack of players who obviously couldn't get in. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  11. When placing compositions in the editor the game will freeze and crash. I have noticed that the freeze and crash only occurs when placing compositions of larger buildings. The buildings themselves are not massive structures. Roughly 25 blocks wide 50 blocks long and 30-40 blocks high. No furniture just normal doors windows and roofs. As a test I copied the lighthouse that is randomly generated in the games explore modes. When trying to place it as a saved composition the game freezes and crashes too.
  12. I can’t use any bed or sleeping pad. Says failed Can anyone help? thx output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  13. Placing big comps results in laggy white version of same comp following mouse that you cant get rid of.
  14. Eaglestorm13

    KNOWN ISSUE Rain in deep caves

    Noticed rain here but seems it does not show up well but on side not i have seen many also post about rain in other structures as well.
  15. Last night my ship became stuck on sand. I started to dig underneath to free the ship (worked), I accidentally hit the ship ladder which it fell to the ground. I accidentally clicked the right mouse button while looking at the ladder which then caused me to climb down into Earth and kept falling until i frozen to death.
  16. left a locked up boat inside my barrier, locked cabin with door. as well as my base. they got inside looted everything and took my boat. they were able to build inside the barrier used a ladder to get inside and out. i assume used that to steal the boat. Raider hope you are seeing this and happy with yourself. gave up after you raided me the first time on server 27.
  17. So I think this is maybe a bug, I have built some sort of a house with wood blocks on top of a large ship. Has you can see the ceiling is complete but it still rains inside. I have tested with a log ceiling and that doesn´t happen. Why wood blocks let the rain pass?
  18. The ship has a heavy bug and a ladder bug. Swimming on the ladder.
  19. Hey, this bug is really important to fix ... !!! It exists since lot of months ! "We can't walk on a ship when it sail because we jump of from the ship in the sea with sharks !!!" Please fix it in priority
  20. CdriXX

    KNOWN ISSUE Boat bug

    Hello, always the same bug with the last update. When a boat is on, and if I'm walking on the boat, bug again and again and sometimes rollback. So, rollback into the sea with sharks !
  21. PreLogiix

    KNOWN ISSUE Inventory Bug

    I have been having a problem where if I transfer items to a chest I will sometimes have items that get stuck in my inventory. When that happens I can move them around in my inventory but cannot craft, drop, equip, destroy or place in a container without getting a red "Error" message. For me to get rid of this I have to either /killme and sometimes that doesn't work or close the game completely.
  22. kurgun2018

    KNOWN ISSUE Eating Bug

    If you go to eat some food, no matter what kind, and you switch to your weapon or other stuff, like shovels or picks, you'll also eat the weapon/shovel/pick. Maybe this is intentional.
  23. Hello team, Reporting this on behalf of one of our players on our server. Issue: Player in Question was testing out blueprints feature when they placed the Project Table, a message "someone else is using that" appears in red text, at the time only that player was on the server, they also created said table. The 1st time they used the table with blueprint it worked fine, however on second attempt, this message appears. They also tried a different blueprint for a second time and also had the same issue. They go on to say that, they logged into different servers and it worked. Info: Player describes the steps, when they try to interact with the table the message "someone else is using that" even though they were alone on the server, this appears when they try to put item(s) into the table. Attempted Resolutions: Server rebooted, issue persists. Image from the player
  24. So if you have 2 stacks of the same seed in the seed box, for example one stack with 5 cottons seeds and another with 20. When you start planting cotton with the 5 seed stack and when the stack finishes, it disappears from the box, but not from the quick access menu(or how its called?) and because there is another stack it lets you plant more plants without depleting the second stack. If you have only one stack of seed, after you plant them all, they will disappear from the seed box, but stay in your quick access belt. Any attempt to plant will tell you that it fails, but with a second stack it will let you plant however many you want. Which is not something bad because I find it weird, that you have to chose between the seeds or the fruit or plant. If you break a cotton plant for seeds you wont lose the cotton... I kind get why its done that way tho.
  25. Fight or Flight Gamer

    KNOWN ISSUE Character won't save

    I made a character after the update, named it, saved it, linked my account & she doesn't appear in my old game. She was replaced by a random bald headed man. When I close the game & opened it again, it ask me to create/name a character again. I can't past this screen without creating another character. I am unable to play the game!