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Found 185 results

  1. Hello, I'm enjoying the game a lot, but there's this thing that is annoying af. No matter how much FPS I have, 60 or 180, for some reason it feels like I'm playing at 30 and I've tried turning Vsync on and off, windowed screen, lowering the graphics, etc... nothing helps. Is there a way to fix this? The game is running in a SSD. Here are my specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3500x RAM: 16g 3000mhz crucial ballistix SSD: 1tb M.2 WD blue GPU: AMD RX5600XT Sapphire Pulse Monitor: LG E2250 75hz (I've tried using it at 60 but didn't help) OS: Windows 10 pro 64bit 21H1 It's a bit hard to see it in a video but I'm sending one, I hope you guys understand what I'm talking about. Video.zip
  2. I built my ship and decided to rebuild it from scratch. Instead of making a new one, since you can only claim one ship at a time. I decided to remove all the decorations and blocks I put on the ship. But there two items I can't get rid of. Not from the Building Station, or Free placement mode or deconstruct with the hammer for that matter. The option to remove the items does not appear. The items in questions are the shaman's mask from the myster yland with the glowing eyes, and a bottle that has some kind of red substance coming out of it. Everything else though I could deconstruct.
  3. Plain Black Ship Flag goes offscreen
  4. Hi there I have an issue when i dock/anchor my ship near a jetty or next to a island. Every time i anchor my ship and i re log it is not on same position. It is if the game move my ship +-1/2 a ship length deeper into the ocean, rather a painful bug if man park close to land/harbor to unload. I tested this with anchor down and up and get same result. The ship is not close to seabed to cause any issues. I also tested it in "Q" ship edit mode and it also move the ship deeper into ocean. Hope info to bug help.
  5. As in title, please, check resources needed in building. All The Best, Bart
  6. Unfortunately I forgot to grab the output logs for this, but thepYpse told me the map may help a bit. I noticed several random encounters on this map that were showing on the compass but just not there. If you check the island on the East side of the map towards the middle you will find about 5 or 6 random encounters with a compass but empty space. Attached the map. Hope it helps somehow EERIE SNAILLAND.rar
  7. I uploaded a composition to the workshop....it didn't have a thumbnail. I went to delete the blank thumbnail and upload another...but it would not allow me to delete it or upload one from the page like it usually does. The trashcan does not delete the blank thumbnail.
  8. not sure if you're aware of this but yesterday i noticed that when i equipped my character with fur boots the leather shoes appeared on my characters feet
  9. Not sure if this is a bug that affects everyone's buildings. But I noticed a new random encounter today and it appears as though the corner spikes are not turned correctly. I think it should be a pyramid shape?
  10. I don't know how it happened, but I do know when. for some reason, a bug occurred when I was hopping between worlds in Exploration Mode that caused all the placed blocks on my ship to disappear. It also made it impossible to disassemble the ship for re-construction. Before: After:
  11. Midonyxgirl

    KNOWN ISSUE Boat Missing

    Hello, My entire boat has gone missing. I had parked it at my moms land to get my ducky boat to go to another land I unclaimed my boat so as to take control of hers to get to my new land and when we got back my entire boat was missing. It has alot of precious cargo on it and too many hours of work put into it. Is there anyway I can get it back? I have attached a picture of my boat with this post. I need my boat back ASAP
  12. So as the title suggests, I came across some lit candles and noticed the flame was bigger than usual so I checked the ones on my ship and the effect must be on all of them. Made me feel like the whole place was going to set on fire. Nobody light your candles until they fix this ?
  13. output_log_clean.txtoutput_log.txt I was exploring when i found this random site with my compass. It seems to have no structure or items laying around of any kind. I'm wondering if this could be a bug of some sort. on another island in the same world, there's another random site which has the same issue but without flattened or reshaped terrain. I thought it might've been the metal box in the sky you get the mark 1 armor from, but i could not see any, tried digging in case it was buried but still nothing. I attached reference logs in case of convenience: output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  14. In the crafting menu I can only scroll when my cursor is either in between the pictures of the items or next to them. For some reason scrolling doesn't work when my mouse is on one of the pictures.
  15. Pressing down ctrl for blocking WHEN running left, back or right makes the character do weird things. ????
  16. I know other have posted this issue already, but i feel the need of posting it too. (and yes, im copypasting what i said on our discord's bug reports channel lol) Now i'm actually scared of going to multiplayer maps, today i went to locust just to find out when i spawned that my ship was completely destroyed, lost every freeplaced block and all colour. Restarting or respawning didnt work. Luckily i went back to my sp world and the blocks were back, but the colour wasnt, i'll have to paint everything again (everything was dark coffee and the sail was red), and as soon as i put it in construction mode all the parts that still had their colour just lost it too. I know it's recomended to have a good internet connection to play, but playing with a slower connection shouldnt mean that you could always loose everything Heres some pics about what happened and the all mighty logs lol: output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  17. Hi there! So I've been playing around with a ship who's design is quite detailed, but it has next to no free-placed objects on board. When playing Exploration on my own offline/locally hosted maps I have no issues whatsoever. Upon sailing to a map hosted by someone else -Including the Official ones- however, I experience game-crippling drops in frame rates. I believe this occurs due to the mass of my ship 'bobbing' in the waves. I experience no issues when in construction mode or when the anchor is engaged which leads me to believe that there is a lot of resources being drained to sustain the free movement of the ship as it's rocked by the waves. I suspect this could be the servers desperately trying to synchronize the free movement of the ship as it moves unanchored in the waves as I have tried lowering the graphic settings as low as possible in spite of my rig being pretty powerful. Could this be looked in to? Maybe there could be a workaround regarding block-welding or a reduction in the amount of resources spent on making a ship bob in the waves? Whilst the ship design is pretty hefty, I suspect that as larger designs are inevitably going to be built in the future, this may be an impending issue. Thanks, Rob
  18. When exploring new single-player maps in Exploration, about half the time I didn't see any Random Encounters on the islands or see anything on my handheld compass (2 out of 4 maps tried). I actually brought up doing this to make it feel more like Exploration, but I knew it was going to be super unpopular. Was this intended or is it some sort of bug? Some others also experienced this too: Gary Childress via Steam discussions: https://steamcommunity.com/app/298610/discussions/0/3169946351447355770/ AAAfrom on the official Discord: https://discord.com/channels/243416130759163904/323891949616496651/828754752032342016 and https://discord.com/channels/243416130759163904/323891949616496651/829109838264401970
  19. Hello, I've been waiting for some time to be able to import sounds into ylands editor, and 1.6 finally came! However I have been experiencing some troubles with the music library and i'm not really sure if this is because of bad scripting or because of how the midi files are played in game. I have made a playable piano with importing 25 key sounds. When sitting at the piano, it opens a custom UI displaying the notes (see image bellow) and with custom controls it play the key sound (and the note in the UI will light up). Problem is, sometimes, some sound won't play, especially when doing chords. Sometimes sounds will get cut and stop playing, and sometimes some chords won't play at all. Here is the instruction when pressing a key : Currently this is plugged on every key TAP event. For further testing, game is uploaded as "Piano Training Ground", I can also send the composition if needed. Thanks in advance, Kind regards
  20. I died With my pack in the inventory. When it dropped it lost the colors I had dyed it. However the icon and preview kept the color Edit: Just a small clarification, I am referring to the propeller housing not the steam tank
  21. Now, I know this is a known issue, but the known issue says: "Raining inside buildings occasionally" but when in a ship, it is a 100% chance of snow and water coming in the ship covering everything in a layer of snow. And as I said it happens everytime when it snows/rains anchor being up or down. I also have no clue if this is even fixable, but I sure hope it is.
  22. Bug: When the protective barrier is activated and I attempt to deconstruct any object my character stops moving. I can still look around but I can't access any items.
  23. Hi, I tried deconstructing an extinguished fireplace on my base, which has Protective Barrier Generator activated, and got stuck. I held a Stone Hammer and left clicked on the extinguished fireplace to deconstruct it. Then nothing happened, but I can't move, can't click on anything: my inventory, hotbar, etc. I tried the /unstuck command and nothing happened. The only way to get out of this was to press Esc, and Quit to Main Menu, and then reload the game. Then everything was fine, that is, until I tried deconstructing the fireplace again.. Tried this twice, had the same result. Thanks.
  24. When I want to use my mine drill in my inventory, the game closes and I go to my desktop (I tested twice)
  25. Hi, When i Check the "Invert Y axis 3. person", in the control options it has no effect, have tried rebooting the game, and making a new game. still no effect. Vildensky