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Found 155 results

  1. Placing big comps results in laggy white version of same comp following mouse that you cant get rid of.
  2. KNOWN ISSUE Rain in deep caves

    Noticed rain here but seems it does not show up well but on side not i have seen many also post about rain in other structures as well.
  3. Last night my ship became stuck on sand. I started to dig underneath to free the ship (worked), I accidentally hit the ship ladder which it fell to the ground. I accidentally clicked the right mouse button while looking at the ladder which then caused me to climb down into Earth and kept falling until i frozen to death.
  4. left a locked up boat inside my barrier, locked cabin with door. as well as my base. they got inside looted everything and took my boat. they were able to build inside the barrier used a ladder to get inside and out. i assume used that to steal the boat. Raider hope you are seeing this and happy with yourself. gave up after you raided me the first time on server 27.
  5. So I think this is maybe a bug, I have built some sort of a house with wood blocks on top of a large ship. Has you can see the ceiling is complete but it still rains inside. I have tested with a log ceiling and that doesn´t happen. Why wood blocks let the rain pass?
  6. The ship has a heavy bug and a ladder bug. Swimming on the ladder.
  7. Hey, this bug is really important to fix ... !!! It exists since lot of months ! "We can't walk on a ship when it sail because we jump of from the ship in the sea with sharks !!!" Please fix it in priority
  8. KNOWN ISSUE Boat bug

    Hello, always the same bug with the last update. When a boat is on, and if I'm walking on the boat, bug again and again and sometimes rollback. So, rollback into the sea with sharks !
  9. KNOWN ISSUE Inventory Bug

    I have been having a problem where if I transfer items to a chest I will sometimes have items that get stuck in my inventory. When that happens I can move them around in my inventory but cannot craft, drop, equip, destroy or place in a container without getting a red "Error" message. For me to get rid of this I have to either /killme and sometimes that doesn't work or close the game completely.
  10. KNOWN ISSUE Eating Bug

    If you go to eat some food, no matter what kind, and you switch to your weapon or other stuff, like shovels or picks, you'll also eat the weapon/shovel/pick. Maybe this is intentional.
  11. Hello team, Reporting this on behalf of one of our players on our server. Issue: Player in Question was testing out blueprints feature when they placed the Project Table, a message "someone else is using that" appears in red text, at the time only that player was on the server, they also created said table. The 1st time they used the table with blueprint it worked fine, however on second attempt, this message appears. They also tried a different blueprint for a second time and also had the same issue. They go on to say that, they logged into different servers and it worked. Info: Player describes the steps, when they try to interact with the table the message "someone else is using that" even though they were alone on the server, this appears when they try to put item(s) into the table. Attempted Resolutions: Server rebooted, issue persists. Image from the player
  12. So if you have 2 stacks of the same seed in the seed box, for example one stack with 5 cottons seeds and another with 20. When you start planting cotton with the 5 seed stack and when the stack finishes, it disappears from the box, but not from the quick access menu(or how its called?) and because there is another stack it lets you plant more plants without depleting the second stack. If you have only one stack of seed, after you plant them all, they will disappear from the seed box, but stay in your quick access belt. Any attempt to plant will tell you that it fails, but with a second stack it will let you plant however many you want. Which is not something bad because I find it weird, that you have to chose between the seeds or the fruit or plant. If you break a cotton plant for seeds you wont lose the cotton... I kind get why its done that way tho.
  13. KNOWN ISSUE Character won't save

    I made a character after the update, named it, saved it, linked my account & she doesn't appear in my old game. She was replaced by a random bald headed man. When I close the game & opened it again, it ask me to create/name a character again. I can't past this screen without creating another character. I am unable to play the game!
  14. Numbers on singing do not matter. How it works: button 1 contains any food. On button 2 - any other subject. First I switch to button 1. After that I press button 2 and instantly left click of mouse - I eat what is under button two (shell, card, shovel - whatever). It was not pleasant to eat a map being far from my base =) P.S. There is one more bug, but I do not want to publish it through the forum - it gives a strong imbalance in the game. Where can I write about it?
  15. So i dont know if ill ever get them back.......and if i do thats gonna be messy however i believe i came across a bug. I had some meat in my (hand) slot, far right hotbar slot) and my key chain in the 9 hotbar slot, I went to scroll to the keys while looking at door and as i thought i got the keys i hit left moust on the door, however i went 1 to far and selected the meat, i noticed this and swapped back to keys however my character started eating and he, well, ate my keys..... So now i am currently stuck inside my house lol with no keys. thankfully i have a friend with copies we can duplicate, but this is a bug i think should be looked into so no one else accidentally eats their keys.....or worse.
  16. I tried to place a Rope Ladder on a beam and since there is nothing to indicate it was connected, it dropped to the ground with just the top showing through. I went over to destroy it and accidentally clicked to descend and fell through the world. I couldn't do anything to save myself, so that world is dead. There should be a warning that the Rope Ladder can't be placed because its not attached to anything just like with doors.
  17. KNOWN ISSUE 0.9 bug

    It is an official server's MP. I took a horse and I could not move when I got on that horse. After reloading the horses became transparent. There was no problem in operation. Another battle music stopped ringing after it was hit by an hostile creature. The music keeps ringing even after rebooting. I set the volume to 0 by setting, but I can not sense the danger.
  18. I got in the newest version of the game, created my name, bought some blueprints with my coyns. Then went to my last game and I showed up as some bald dude with nothing in hand and so I exited. Now I get back in, it wants me to create a new character, so I did but then when I went to pick my name it said it was taken because I had already created it, so now what? How do I get back in as me with the stuff I bought from the store? I'm afraid to do anything because I'm afraid that I'll have lost all my decorations and blueprints and saved games.
  19. KNOWN ISSUE Inventory Issue

    sometimes when dragging an object between a chest and the player inventory, the objects get stuck in the transfer and both the object and the block become unusable unless I reload the game. This issue happens across all placed chests in the same location that the failed transfer occurs. The objects can sometimes be seen floating on a random spot of the screen. I have tried to replicate this issue, but it seems to happen randomly and frequently. Has anyone else experienced this issue? all provided screenshots are of different chests and a single instance of the issue during a single gameplay.
  20. KNOWN ISSUE eating a map

    how to eat your map: go to multiplayer (guess lag was the key there) have map on your quick bar equip food quickly switch to map and open it via left-clicking you just have ate your map and all the information it held other whines: looking through ground is still in game (very helpful for searching caves though) [you just need not flat surface with bumps at head lvl] player's position in multiplayer is the most annoying thing: you aren't actually where game shows you are, losing ships (and dying to sharks) because you dared to move is not fun items disappear for player (and not the world) when dropped or placed (either lantern or bricks) and you can't see them or pick it back, similar happens to fallen trees: it this case you see tree, but can't chop and lag when you step on it transporting horses on ship sometimes makes it not move at all or launches ship fly in the sky, sometimes it drowns all the way to the bottom first, looks epic though, but horses are stuck at bottom after this [though they could swim with you]
  21. According to the wiki: "The Protective Barrier Generator first appears in the players inventory as the Broken Protective Barrier Generator which requires to be repaired before becoming functional. Once fixed, this item will grant the player a 30x30x30 cube (or 82x82x82 in blocks) in which they will have several abilities: the power to pick up placed blocks with a hammer after the timer would normally be up, immunity from damage when logged out, placed blocks cannot be damaged by other players, other players cannot place any blocks" I have been playing on the public server EXPLORE NA 48 with no issues until I logged in today. While I was offline, players were able to break a locked door, glass windows and three locked chests inside my cabin. From the description of the protective barrier, I thought this was not possible. Did I not set up my barrier correctly or is this a known bug? I attached some screenshots.
  22. KNOWN ISSUE Key Ring Eaten

    Yes you Read right, my Charakter ate my Key Ring, im not Sure how that Happened, its gone, i think i had Food in my Hand and Switched and in that Moment he ate the Key Ring lol.
  23. KNOWN ISSUE Inventory Glitch

    This glitch really needs to get fixed I have to restart the game every 10 seconds
  24. KNOWN ISSUE [Bug] Odd inventory bug

    I keep getting a really strange bug, and I haven't seen any other posts about this. It usually happens when I have a full inventory and I'm moving a lot of items around. After a while random objects almost disapear from the actual item nodes, and further inspection shows the image tile in entirely the wrong place, usually bottom left of the inventory UI. When this happens, I can no longer interact with the objects, and have to exit the game and rejoin again. I only ever get this bug when my inventory is more than three-quarters full. Any ideas?
  25. Ships are glitchy ...moving around deck and if you get too close to the ladders, masts, helm or anchor switch or any item on the deck that has a script, if you are not careful your avatar physics collide with them and you can end up not where you intended I tried to solve the problem by building a glass cage around the helm/stern of my ship ...and although i have not yet been tossed out or off the ship, its hard to move as i seem to bounce around inside it like a squash ball in a squash court! ...often being tossed to the front of the ship! .. or onto the opposite area of where i wanted top go. last night ( my time rl) i was transporting a passenger back to their island and they inadvertently stood up ... and was promptly tossed over the side to feed the sharks. So it seems that the ships decks are really glitchy and its a risk travelling or moving around on a ship at this time. I hope you can fix this ... as i am getting a bad reputation as a sea captian by potential passengers! .