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Found 200 results

  1. One of our players ended up on my island as a respawn .. his ship went in circles and he could not stop it. he got drowned when he was tossed off it . I took my ship with him on board and we located the ship it had stopped. he told me his other ship he built was not steering as well. I then tried to turn back to my island base... my ship would not turn either direction. I tried reverse...it worked slowly, but would not turn. O managed to sail to the island straight ahead ...and as i released the helm after stopping was tossed overboard... i was faster than the waiting shark, fortunately... I tried a relog .... and no go . still the ship would move only straight ... forward or revers and i couldn't turn In desperation i parked it and made a temp camp, hoping there is a restart that will fix it ..or if i do not die in the meantime, a fix .. Logs attached . output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  2. So when I try bigger Compositions on my main map, it crashes. When I take 3 big Compositions in a new creative map, it crashes. Only big compositions. Already reported this a couple month ago in a kinda same case, and here we go again Just tested it on my 2nd acc (where I never played the game before) and the limit is like 5-7 before it crashes. DxDiag.txt output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  3. Hey While i am in the editor Entities inside of groups randomly delete themselves im not sure what is causing this its usually just one entity out of a group THIEVES_VS_SECURITY_V7.5.zip
  4. Hi Sometimes while using the color picker clicking on the "ok" button will auto lock into a specific color, and when trying to adjust any colors after will reset to the previous color after. All color inputs within the same game session before restart will lock to that color. Its happened 3-4 times but somewhat rare.
  5. Help! My movement arrows keep growing!
  6. When I try to use the blue print it says that someone else is using it so I cannot build anything. Please fix the bug
  7. NPC placing preview has issues: 1) Falls through map 2) Preview points the wrong way This is when placing an NPC.
  8. After the release of the update, I can no longer place items on the walls in the free placement mode. I can't hang a fishing rod or fish on the wall because it just falls down. Before the upgrade, I could fix the item on the wall if I installed it so that the faces crossed the faces of the wall. At this point, the oblique became less transparent and I fixed it on the wall. It seems to me that the objects, although they remain the same, are a witness, but they have lost their physical edges. Now the edge is somewhere inside the object. And it is not possible to arrange it so that it crosses the wall only slightly. A vivid example of this is the log falling almost underground from felled trees! Previously, they lay above the ground plane. Now I have no opportunity to decorate my home. And it is very sad. Since for me this is one of the key properties, for which I fell in love with YLANDS. I beg you to correct this in the following updates. I will wait very much. In the photo: fishing rod, fish and knife. Unfortunately now there is no possibility to put objects in this way ... Else after the upgrade, I can not access any objects that is on the inside of the cabinet on the shelves. I placed them on the shelves before the update. But all that is on the closet, I can take.
  9. I can craft and place beds without a problem. The issue is that once I place them, I cannot lay down. I don't want to have to start a new game because of this. All of this coincidentally started after I died on my ship, during the night.
  10. I know the hit radius for "battle" and hitting trees/rocks has got a boost with the new update but also with that came a huge hit radius, you can actually chop down 2 trees close to each other or hit unwanted objects close to the area you are hitting on. Picture 1: i was cutting down a young tree and it also took down a small bush quit far away. Picture 2: while hitting a rock i also started hitting the tree with my hamer.
  11. Hi There! I was playing ylands today and I wasn't able to build next to the door on the side where the hinge in located. When I tryed it on a big wooden door the same thing occurs. I used the search funcion on the forums but no results. Do more people have this issue? output log: output_log_clean.txtoutput_log.txt
  12. When I start the game, I get to the loading screen, which for some reason loads up instantly. Then after some time I get this message : FATAL LOGIN ERROR UNABLE TO COMPLETE BACKEND REQUEST I reinstalled it multiple times hoping it would fix, but no. The previous versions worked for me but since 0.11 it doesn't.
  13. Hi i have problem in dedicated server with dyeing. When i want dye any item in dye table, coloros are consumed, but item color stay the same. Dyeing work in single game or share game
  14. I used to be able to put a basket, torch or Lantern, on a raft or small boat. Now I can't put any place a bowl on a raft, even in free place mode. This has happened on every server I joined, would like to know if others have this problem too.
  15. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  16. I was trying to use a blueprint that included straw blocks. In the past I have been able to make hay by drying grass near a heat source. I tried today and it did not work. I tried both the brazier and the kiln, both I have used successfully prior to update 10.
  17. Since update i cant place new straw blocks (the smollest size) near the existent ones (of the same size) on the grid, it always says, that "there isnt enough place". Also in editor I cant place a small straw block between two existent ones on the grid. Is it a bug, or when not, how can I manage it? P.S. Other blocks (stone, wood etc.) seem to work properly...
  18. This is a kind of specific issue. It only happens the very first time I open a screen (such as a map, workstation, or my inventory screen) when I first start or rejoin a game. That first time, I have to click the X to get back out. Every time after that it works correctly until I close and rejoin that game again.
  19. Editing an Explore game and adding/deleting lots of animals and items. When placing animals, it works fine, but then after five or so minutes it screws up. It places the animals, but you cannot see them and the select box is steady glowing, hung up on the last thing I deleted or something, it won't deselect. If you save and reload, you will see all the animals you placed. It works fine for a few minutes, but then it begins again. I wanted to finish the map, so this happened 8 times in a row I would guess.
  20. Our sharks have decided to keep out of the air. I have seen them onland but that's not completely new. Recently, the other animals have taken to the air. It seems that they do drop from the sky as you move toward them. Often getting stuck in trees. This seems to be new since 0.11
  21. Several times when releasing ship helm ... the screen goes olive green and all you see is a bald head... after a few clicks with escape or another action...you return ..and sometimes the water surrounding you disappears. usually it comes back after a movement around ..but today it did not... screenshots and logs attached output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  22. We have two servers, each with an identical map. When you choose one, or the other, the active games window will only show one, not the other. It can be found in MPLobby, but it does not stay persistent in the Active games window. We have tried renaming one map, but still same issue. Thank you. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  23. After constructing a workstation, boat, or other large item, the information overlay at upper right of the screen will stay visible. Sometimes the lower part of the text says "filled in with script". It does not go away until I choose an item, press V to activate free placing, then press V again to turn it off.
  24. I posted this in the Steam forums and was asked to post it here, so here it is. After the new update, my framerate has decreased significantly, and I'm unable to play the game (I'm guessing it's at 10-15 fps, maybe lower). I have no clue why this would be, but here are my output log and output log clean files, as well as a dxdiag report. I hope this can get fixed soon! output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  25. When inside any building and looking down - eg: to access my blacksmith station - the screen starts shaking violently as if it is rapidly switching between two slightly different viewpoints. i can reproduce this in many different buildings with ceiling heights of anywhere between 8 and 15 blocks. Some have lamps hanging from the ceiling but not all do. The angle at which i have to look down varies with each building. It happens so regularly that I had to stop playing after an hour or so because it gave me a headache. Changing several of the graphics settings did not stop it. I am fairly sure it could trigger seizures so you might want to give this some urgent attention.