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Found 288 results

  1. The game has been crashing a lot after the final release. After like an hour of explore game play, the game stops responding and closes.
  2. Added a NPC to a sandbox world in the editor. Tried to add a script for NPC. The DONE check option in the top right corner didn't work and could not exit the screen. Game and Editor completely froze. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. Some points to fix (or maybe there is already a solution?) I have stuttering when I look around with the mouse (feels like 15 FPS), when I use a controller I can look around smooth with the right stick (no stuttering!) It stays the same when I lower the details and resolution, so it doesn´t seem to be a performance problem I can´t change the resolution in fullscreen mode, only in windowed mode! In fullscreen mode it´s only "Custom" available, and I see 3620x2036 as available resolution (but I can´t choose it) The controller doesn´t work in the inventory I can´t choose mouse and keyboard in the control options, only "automatic" is available
  4. Not much to explain. The title explains it self. When i do the swing, the 2nd attack won't even hit a tree or a bulding (not to mention either enemies). Not sure the verison of the game. I can stream it in discord if you also need that. Any questions you can ask me in discord SSEEAALL#3347 (i'm at the Ylands server also) 'cause i hate fourms <3 DxDiag SSEEAALL PC.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  5. Hi guys ! Sorry if a post about this subject is already available but I'm not english so it's complicated to find a topic precisly about my problem So, my friend created a sharegame server where we played for 3 hours after the first connection, and after we closed the game we saved and we backed into the game 2 hours later, my friend hosted the game, he joined the game but me i can't, when I join I have an error "Vous avez été retiré de la partie (connexion perdue)" in french so in english it's like "You were removed from the game (your connection has timed out)" I tried to host the game, I joined the game but my friend can't. So the host can join the game but nobody else.. Please help me I love this game Good day everyone
  6. Hello! I looked for the proper support channel on ylands.com and it says the following: Here I am! I just created an account, using the in-game link and I also activated two-factor authentication. Now, when I try to login with my email address and password, nothing works. I tried seconds ago just to be sure. I tried with copy-paste and typing one character after the other. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. I played in game in last weekend it is OK. But after last update the game not launch. The game is crashing then I try to run it. Pop up the window of Unity and game is and. error.log output_log.txt
  8. Since update 1.0 I can't create and play exploration world, because the game freezes. I also tried to play with my friend, but game freezed each time my friend connected. There are two moments when the game freezes: on building terrain process and after 1-2 minutes of playing. This problem I have in single game and multiplayer in exploration mode. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  9. I built a ship, and on it I placed some 1x1x1 blocks. After some time, I installed a protective barrier and realized that I could use a hammer to disassemble the blocks. I decided to rebuild the ship, sailed on it to the protective barrier zone and disassembled the mast, steering wheel and chest. Then I started on the blocks, but they do not understand. I thought that this was due to the fact that a lot of time had passed and decided to destroy them first with an ax and then with a sledgehammer. But none of this helped. They seem to not even react. Help me. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  10. The game will freeze at random times for example when just loading in a world and moving the game freezes and crashes and in other times it freezes and crashes after about an hour of playing or so. build: output_log attached with issue happening multiple times output_log.txt
  11. Hit a tree without destroying it, and it stays daylight colors at night. Very minor, but it kind of breaks the lovely moonlight effect. On that tiny little starting island, it's like a beacon from anywhere on the island.
  12. When exiting a multi-player game, Ylands doesn't go past the blue screen with the alternating color "thinking" circle. I have to manually close the game completely down and restart it. Thanks, Sandy
  13. By accident I found a bug that allows any item to deconstruct inside the protective barrier, if placed on the ground and hit with the demolition hammer. (Other hammers might do it too.) Roasted food items will "deconstruct" to the raw version. Roasted meat becomes raw meat, roasted fruit becomes berries (elderberries when I tried it), and so on. A pole will "deconstruct" and become a stick. Rope will become grass. Leather will become boar hide. Cloth will become 3 yarn. Yarn will become flax. Tools will deconstruct to the exact materials used to create them. Screenshots: If you try this with a stack, it will return the raw form of only 1 of the items and destroy the rest. I don't think the deconstruct ability is meant to be used for this.
  14. When editing a explore save and then using the TEST feature to play it You can only back out to the main menu and not back to the place where you were editing.
  15. I planted about 105 flax plants in the same spot. after they grew into plants, I walked across them and fell through the floor, causing me to die of cold. This glitch has happened to me before when I planted a ton of bushes in one spot and stood next to them. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  16. @kimbuck: "Also the two mountain tops either side of base have become "phantom" near the summit and avatars fall through the earth to death . You can also fly through them wearing a prop pack. Reported in game. Also encountered twice the unable to dig / lace objects / craft bug ... thats been reported in game too also by others."
  17. Hi, I was on a multiplayer map when I died and when I wanted to revive all what happened was my character re spawned at the start of the map but I was still dead. I had to exit the current game to fix it. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt Here is a small video of how it looked like ( + the invisible horses 😆)
  18. The new bloc has a slight shift, Is it a feature ?
  19. Q key is both up in free camera and open inventory -- beta
  20. So, I got back to Ylands from a long break, and I started building a ship. When I was building the bow i noticed while placing wedges, that the wedges i was trying to place didnt "lock on" to the already placed wedges, and instead went through to the outside of the ship. I just brushed it off as me being a bit rusty, and thought nothing more of it. Then it was time for painting the damn thing, and unexpectedly, i cant paint the wedges or slopes. It was very annoying to build the ship in the first place because the transparency thing, and now i can't even finish it. Really sucked the motivation out of me. I have been thinking of ways to solve this like updating back to the previous version, but I'm scared it would break the game even more. Hope I explained it well enough, sorry if I didn't. Also the screenshot is probably quite useless since its only a half painted ship, but those wedges and slopes I am unable to paint.
  21. I got an error while using the anihilator. Then the sound would not go away. log_userscript.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  22. Hi, When you have just selected a flag from the entity menu, then you cant see the preview rotate when you press the C and F key. Apart from that my rhinos and me are very happy 🦏
  23. Blueprints do not align with grid when putting them in a server so you cant add to them or connect them with server-made builds.
  24. https://i.gyazo.com/d236f650ea60ab97a83e6943561be07d.mp4 Unable to walk at all on server - fresh save #Id324 See logs in feedback with the same ID.
  25. Hi, I wanted to ask for help by an Supporter to move or kill me on a Server. I want this because everytime I try to join it, everything seems to be fine, but then the progress bar stops by 100% and nothing loads. In that state Im half online, because the owner can kick/ban me and my character is standing, but I can´t do anything except watching the loading screen. We have the theorie that my character is somehow stuck so that the game doesn´t no what to do with my character. The problem is, we can´t move my character, because I was inside my barrier when I logged off, and he can´t kill me, because he turned it off that you can kill offline players. Also when the owner of the server came near me, he glitched out (video in glitch.zip ). Would be cool if you could somehow move me in some way (maybe in my house or something. If it isn´t possible I can understand that. Have a nice day, PercyCreeper Server IP: 2751305876 glitch.zip output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt