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Found 22 results

  1. Hey there, Having loads of fun with this game so far. I have run into nearly zero issues that I would consider bugs, however, there is one pesky thing that is sort of game breaking for me. I love using the bow and arrow, but I would say about 2 out of every 3 shots simply gets stuck right at my characters location when I let go of the mouse button to fire. Maybe I am doing something wrong, however, I usually hold the mouse button down aim, and then release. Sometimes it works, but more often the arrow just sticks right there and I have to move a couple of steps to the side and try and fire again. It is obviously a waste of an arrow not to mention an issue if a creature or enemy is advancing on me. Hopefully I am just stupid and there is something I am doing wrong. Thanks!
  2. Ummm... I seem to be missing something in my Exploration Map.:. SPOILER ALERT : BE AWARE As myself and my comrade are hammering through our exploration map, we have managed to get to a particular puzzle. As it has been enjoyable to play through... we find ourselves rather... well... frustrated and confused. We. Are. Stuck? We have taken the steps to get where we need to and then... Nothing. It would seem that the Sphere for the Submarine is not there, despite the key being... where it should have been. This has me rather concerned. Was this puzzle removed from game play from exploration after the updates? It seems the older version of the game had more to interact with. There were sharks and birds which I understand will be coming back in future updates? But... what about this puzzle? At this point it seems we can not move forward with it despite all of the hard work we have put into it. If The Dev team could hone in on this, Gggawwwd! Would it be helpful and welcomed! Overall, we love this game to bits. Challenging ourselves daily and running around (and under) the Ylands and Ocean with fervor, but... some attention to The crowd for the Exploration Group would be loved! Though Workshop is lovely, we need some love too ? If ANYONE has had this issue, or any suggestions on this, join in on this discussion! Keep up the awesome work, DEVS! ? Sitting at the bottom of the ocean hopefully, ? Nahni ?
  3. Hi, I was creating my ship placing block and suddenly im stuck at the mass sail. So output_log.txtoutput_log_clean.txtwhat i did was press /unstuck 0. Then the game load back, then my ship went missing. Cant see the ship.
  4. Please give a timed out popup if loading for more than two minutes we get an option to abort and return to the Main Menu or continue loading. When trying to join servers I am often stuck here eternally in this screen with only an unconventional way to escape, requiring me to reboot the game from scratch. Would really appreciate a redirect at this point that said something like, "Seems the server is not available, would you like to try another?" Return to Main Menu Yes / No.
  5. On multiplayer. Can move other grass seed in and out of inventory. Cannot move this 20 pile of grass seed. This 20 pile seed will plant grass but the number never goes below 20. Can eternally plant grass with it. Would rather have the lost cube of inventory space.
  6. Hi, I have found a few new bugs: 1) Big stuck in the wall problem. You cannot move through horizontal space 5 bricks high, but It is possible to jump into it or use ladders to do it. So, you can move there, but you cannot move out or jump out of the trap! You cannot duck, so, the only way is to demolish bricks above your head and/or bricks below you - only then you are able to jump out. I realized that bug in one of the abandon hunting house (that one with horns in frons and two ladders). There is space exactly 5 bricks high and I already, was stucked there for 4-5 times. I was lucky and had a good axe with me, however you CANNOT AIM at bricks directly above you or directly below you, so you have to destroy everything close to you and wish for luck! Please, try to add an exception allowing you to move out from any brick (stone/tree?), just for any case. Maybe option to crawl/bend your knees (maybe also to move quiet?) whould be useful? 2) Some trees after being sawed off are still unreachable. These are there, but you cannot hit them, even if you stand just beside it on "in it". Digging out lost part of the tree changes nothing. This happens mostly when one tryy have two roots: palms and birches. It seems that all depends on rotation of the fallen tree? 3) Some plants, esp. dried ones are still invisible to player - it's there, but I cannot reach it even standing on it. 4) After chopping trees on mass, very often parts are hungin in in the air - because tree being there before was removed. I can jump or build temporal ramp to get it, but there is bigger problem: 5) There are still situations when during digging out any resources parts of soil/triangular shapes are hinging in the air. Sometimes you can reach these with picks sometimes with spades, but mostly you cannot do anything, because you cannot aim pick, spade or shovel so high. I tried axes, swords or hands too - nothing helps. Very annoying. BTW. see next point, please. 6) Most of the tools have ranges of "aiming", however these are awkwards sometimes: You cannot aim with your spear! Spears are and should be long and could reach angry animals above you or below you (that happens very often because I'm always trying to climb a tree, my sheds od any higround. Spear is useless as other weapons in these cases - the only way is projectile weapons. Please, correct it. Additionally larger area of targetting would help with reaching and destroying objects "levitating" in the air as sticks, wood pieces, soil and so on... You cannot aim with weapons, axes, picks or spades directly obove your head and below your head. This is maybe realistic, but if you are stuck in bricks or trying to reach levitating objects - you're screwed. I'm always trying to reach bricks and objects I'm trapped in in first person view. 7) I'm not sure if it was ment to work this way (this is certainly realistic), but one day I fell of the cliff on my small boat. I died, but the boat flipped upside down. I couldn't control it, of course (which is realistic too), however it was biiiig loss for me at the time. It there any way, including cheats, to flip my boat right way again? 8) What happened to drying racks?? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it would be very useful to dry fish, meat and fruits, additionally it would be good way to make hay of grass. If you removed drying racks from the game, please - make it back. It would be very nice to make it possible to have better food without fire. And... some more diversity. How could I make hay!? I have tons of grass and I'd like to make roofs for my sheds... :(( All the best, Bartosz Radziszewski
  7. My sister is hosting the server, I am the client. We have both had issues getting stuck inside the ship when we somehow walk into it the wrong way. She was able to quit out and move the ship in the editor for her own character and once the ship was moved she was unstuck. My character got stuck in the ship and she can't find my body in the editor, so not sure if moving the ship this time will help or not. Being stuck in the ship appears to prevent my game from loading as well, unless that's something else that is totally unrelated. Update: After she tried moving the ship in the editor (though she still can't find my body), I was able to load in, but it demanded that I make a new character - and when I did so it did the "frozen at the character creation black screen" thing. So...not sure how to get into game now... ::sigh:: ...After, like, 30 hours of game play. I think there needs to be an "unstuck" command or something that we can somehow issue to the game to get ourselves out of these terrain glitches and such. Probably not an easy thing, by any means, to implement - but if it's doable, I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated by the community. Another ship-related issue I keep having, as the client, is that every time I walk away from our ship to explore something and come back, it is just a dark black, seemingly un-rendered hull with no sails or ladders or any chests or anything built on it any more. The host, my sister, says it still renders for her and works okay, but it is just an empty black hull for me almost every time I walk away from it and return - so i can't access anything on the ship or even get on the ship itself, I just get stuck in it. ::shrug:: Not sure why that is. Attached are my own output_log and output_log_clean - not sure if those are helpful or if you have to have the host's logs. Thank you! output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  8. Hi, I was playing some multiplayer ylands and I just got stuck in the middle of nowhere. I couldn't do anything. Unstuck command doesn't work. I had to relog, which is a pain, because it takes like 2 minutes to load into the world. Thanks output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  9. When passing through a doorway I'll stick for about a quarter second. Also happens with any other 6 block high passageway. 7 is fine but no doors that big yet
  10. Hello there, a friend of mine has started having an issue while trying to connect on my server while other players had and still have no problem at all. Everything was fine, we've been playing together until 1am last night(09/12/2017 GMT+1), then she wanted to log in to the game and she got stuck on "Recalling buildings" at 100%. We tried to wait for about 10 minutes and yet nothing. We were trying this continuosly all the day and it's absolutely the same. She tried to verify the files, reinstall the game, back to the backup of OS, install the game again then and still nothing. We're looking forward to your response. Thank you! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  11. Hi, I was playing with my friend in multiplayer. I got kind of lost and when I found our ship, It was completely bugged (see screenshots). I tried to run on the ship and got stuck. When I tried to write the unstuck command, my game got frozen in chat and then crashed completely. It only happened to me, my friend (as the host) saw the ship normally. Thanks. 2017-12-29_194208.zip output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  12. My character died from an unknown cause and now i'm stuck at the "create new character" or return back to main menu. Clicking on create new character doesn't do anything. I can only go back to main menu. output_log.txt error.log output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  13. Hello! I have been experiencing this problem since the Steam launch where I get stuck on the loading screen on specific Explore servers. Sometimes the revolving loading bar at the bottom of the screen appears, but quickly disappears leaving only the flavor text at the top of the screen cycling continuously. No amount of time spent on this screen seems to have any progress in regards to actually getting onto the server. This has happened to me quite a few times, and on different official servers as well. I have attached my most recent output logs in hopes that it could be of help in resolving this issue. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  14. Getting ran over by a Large Ship gets you stuck in the bow of the ship.
  15. Re-fund

    Ship Stuck!

    It seems like the water surrounding my ship is bugged out, which you can clearly see in the picture I posted (the water in front of the ship looks like its kinda chopped off). I can't move my ship at all and I already checked the bottom, there is nothing touching the ship making it unable to move. I think this happened when I accidentally placed some dirt onto the ship causing the ship to tilt forward. I removed the dirt and the ship returned back to normal but apparently this bugged out the water for some reason. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  16. zukhiro

    Location Bug

    Hi, My horse spawned a little below the ground and now after i tried restarting the horse is stuck below the ground with the character on it. Included the save file along with logs for reference. output_log.txt PAKISTAN.rar DxDiag.txt
  17. I tamed a horse with food. I right-clicked to mount it. I pressed W and S. The horse moves in place. Unable to unstuck. Please help. Attaching logs and save game. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt savegame.zip
  18. Hello to the person reading this, first of all, i'm sorry if my english isnt that great. On to the subject. When i start the game on steam it freezes on startup, i see a small white box and it wont respond, after that it closes because it got stuck. Maybe it has to do with the resolution? but i tried to fix that with startup options adding. I reinstalled the game like 10 times. Didnt work. I hope someone knows the answer and can help me. The game did work just fine on the non steam version, the client that doesnt get updated anymore.
  19. So my brother is hosting multipayer and i was playing in his server and everything was fine until i placed objects/blocks and they vanished. But after that i could still play but i always have to have more than 1 of same objects in my inventory so i could place objects. After playing while i got another bug and only thing i could do is moving ( i couldnt choose objects, place them or anything.) I restarted game and then tryied to re join the server and got stuck at 100%. After that i have not been able to play the game anymore. My brother is hosting server and he can join the game but he cant do anything also. Please fix this!! We cant play this game anymore if you guys dont give us new multiplayer update!
  20. Hi, it seems I have a bug when playing on my friend's server. If I log in and attempt to pick up any item, I will eventually get stuck in an animation loop of picking up an item. There is no way for me to stop the animation, as it will not let me equip anything or use any item/tool. If I log out of the server and come back, everything is fine until I pick something up and it starts over again. It doesn't seem to happen in SP. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game with no luck. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  21. ThereGoesLucie


    On our map, there is a tower with a sphere container at the top and then the other side of the island is a big metal box floating with two balloon things...anyone else had this and found out how to access them?!
  22. So I made a grand journey to reclaim my stuff from the jaws of a mighty shark and once I achieved this, I hopped back on my boat. Feeling as if I should call it a day, I quit to main menu while I was sailing. My character was still manning the helm as I quit. The save screen is now stuck and is spinning perpetually. Help? EDIT: I forced quit and reloaded the game and my save appears to be intact. I guess you don't want to do anything while on the boat other than sail.