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Found 98 results

  1. Spyler.X

    smoothing tool

    the smoothing tool leaves many holes in the ground in some situations creates a shell leaving large empty spaces should fill the ground
  2. DoneMantis7270

    Improve First Person

    I like third person view and I would like to play in first person view except I have a few things I would love to have in first person view. I would love if you could see what is in your hand in first person view. (like swords dirt etc) If you add a field of view slider in settings that would be awesome! Thanks -DoneMantis7270
  3. dorgonbron

    Next QoL

    Next QoL update should fix the map in multiplayer where the player can keep his/her map updated all the time. Also ladders in the lighthouse are kind of bugged when trying to climb down them. In multiplayer, it is kind of difficult to accumulate ylandium. What I would suggest for that is either scale the mutated monster drops to the number of players are online or make the mutated monsters respawn or give us a possibility to farm ylandium. A grouping system could also be good if you are playing with your friends so you won't get lost if you are a new player. Those are all of the bugs and/or suggestions i have in mind at the moment. This game has much potential, keep up the good work! Edit: There's also a huge amount of unused space in the lighthouse. It would be cool to be able to build in it.
  4. The game is wonderful and I see a lot of potential in it. So here's a list of things I want to see in the game: -I saw in the video trailer that you can use guns on the horse, but now I can't do that; -Would be amazing fly with a glider like this: Avatar - The last airbender glider; -I miss a hollow ship (Deck) and a place to put a boat in the ship, so you do not have to go to the beach swimming; - Being able to draw or mark/label spots on the map like in the game Project Zomboid would be useful.
  5. Hello good day In the creative mode I would like you to incorporate the option to copy block in the mouse wheel when you click on it and with the color if you had it. I think it would give construction a lot of fluidity when we work with the same blocks as it becomes a bit heavy to be looking for the same blocks in the inventory when we work with a great variety of blocks. thank you very much and have a very good day.
  6. Teibidh Saoi

    Dynamic quests

    I know, I know, but hear me out. Sometimes you just want something to do. Sometimes you just want a reason to use all that gear you've been trying to upgrade, but you don't really want to work on getting to the next tier and you don't really want to think about what you're going to do with that spare half hour you could sneak in. If there were an NPC you could "buy" to hang out near your base or in your castle or whatever that would sell you the details to local "rumors" and you could go hunt down the buried treasure, super-powered bear, glowing crab, or whatever it is and get some sort of meaningful reward like ... good food or crafting materials, that would be kind of awesome. I could just go do a dynamically generated "kill this", "fetch that", hamster wheel quest and get a crafting mat or something. The value of the game, to me at least, just went up by 2-3 months, potentially.
  7. I love Ylands. Its a great game. However the multiplayer needs serious fixing. Firstly, at the moment we have protective barriers which are great however they need to also stop others placing dirt, digging, planting etc... I started a new multiplayer map and spent a while making a nice house inside the protective barrier. Although people can't directly destroy the house, they can place dirt and plant trees. When I returned to my house it was covered in dirt which was obviously very annoying. The protective barriers need to stop others from also placing and removing the earth. Second. I locked the door to my house and also locked two of the important chests just in case. No one should be able to take my stuff inside the locked house. However, when I returned the chests which weren't locked were all looted. I believe this is because people can look through the windows (and maybe walls) in first person and interact with things inside the house even though they are outside. This also must be fixed. Lastly, I don't mind people attacking others since that is kinda part of the game but the combat mechanics in multiplayer make it very hard to hit others. When you click to attack, most times you end up hitting the ground even though they are right next to you. This means its very hard to defend your base as people can just run around you, and then cover your house with dirt . Which brings me to another point. When you do finally kill someone there needs to be a penalty of some kind. It's impossible to stop someone if they can forever respawn and keep coming back. These are my suggestions. Feel free to give feedback, Desolation
  8. Many of the larger slabs, panels etc are 4x4 in size. Can we have some 3x3 block sizes? And also 1x1, 2x1, and 3x3 Marble blocks, please. PS. This game is a builders delight!
  9. This popped into my head and I really like it. So imagine the further you go south the hotter it gets exponentially. Players would expect something similar but I'm saying it gets so hot you end up with shallow water, stretches of barren seabed, lava lakes which would require special ships to sail. While if you head north it eventually just turns to solid ice requiring ice breakers or eventually vechicles that drive on the ice to go further north where you would maybe run into a solid ice wall (you could possibly bore a tunnel through with a vehicle with a front mounted drill) There could be rare resources in both places requiring visits to both for endgame tech. I was sitting back mulling over the idea but I kept expanding on it. I imagine driving a truck over the solid ice carrying a full load of rare ore we've mined to our ship that is waiting where the ice begins. -Or sailing on seas of lava in an obsidian plated ship fighting the temperatures. I would have these north and south lands start very very very far out in each direction, nobody should accidentally find it, you'd have to really journey north or south. This obviously isn't entirely realistic, but I think it'd be a mind blow and fit the game nice while giving more use for some of the tech available and providing more potential machinery. ---- Edit: Islands and animals surviving on them would be terrifying, but once you reach the "end" there would only be ash or ice mounds scattered around showing that nothing survives that far out. Progressing further than that would lead to just a wall of extremely hard ice (not sure what the lava equivalent could be.) Inside the ice could be veins of rare ores that possibly don't stack requiring you to haul it back on a large vehicle. ..Or maybe even the ore needs to be forged on the side with the lava, it'd go from lava lakes to strips of obsidian land with tunnels leading to the planets core where you'd forge the ore. You'd be required to make both trips to reap the rewards. I've been fleshing this idea out as I'm writing it so I apologize for jumping all over the place.
  10. I have been thinking of the starting 11 Ylands as a type of Level I situation, then over time you could beat the best the starting Ylands have to offer, collect all the best loot and outfit a Blue Water vessel. Maybe at some point beating a final boss that would drop a map giving you general directions towards the "New set of Ylands" level II basically. Unlike the normal storms between Ylands, a trip into Blue Water, to transit to the Level II set of Ylands, would be much more horrific with "Large" seas and storms that could even damage Masts and sails which would/could result in needing repairs. Possibly with small stop off single Ylands, with the necessary materials and safe harbor to refit your Damaged ship. Depending on how well you built your "Blue Water vessel" it could possibly sink leaving you with just your Dinghy to reach one of the small refitting Ylands. Sounds a bit punishing but I like the idea, and Ales and Ane wanted the feel of a serious survival aspect. Well if the possibility of sinking and loosing most of your stuff doesn't scare the crap out of you, the sharks in Open Blue Water sure would. This would be an Epic way to transition to the higher tiers within the mid to end game. Or some modification of what I have posted. I'm either delusional over this because I thought of it, or its a great idea, I cant tell the difference(Or I just need some sleep ) What do you guys think???? yeah, not about needing sleep either.
  11. Hey, I was messing about with energy networks earlier and found that it's not possible to create a loop in a network. I was trying to create some sort of clock/pulse generator using a series of not gates to make lights auotomatically flash. Allowing loops in networks would also allow us to create flip-flops/latches (great when creating mazes/puzzle maps - storing user inputs). If allowing loops in networks would be too difficult an alternative would be creating a pulse generator object and a latch object. I think that either of these would hugely improve gameplay. Sensors would also be really useful - proximity and light - to create warning systems for NPCs or other players, and to make it so that streetlights only come on at night. Hopefully it's possible to create some of these. Cheers.
  12. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    Suggestion: Improved World Ore Generation

    Request: Consider revamping ore generation algorithms to allow the following: 1) Generation of ores in and around cave systems. and less occurrence of surface ores (approx 20-40% less than currently observed). Encourages more cave exploration - more risk/reward Smaller surface veins of ores - larger veins underground! Small samples of ores on ground (more than just flint - allow for occasional iron/copper/gold ores - perhaps near (above) seams generated underneath the surface to hint miners where to mine). 2) More concentrations of minerals in certain areas: flint near hills/mountains clay near water gold/copper/iron underground and around/in mountains and hills shape deposits in characteristic ways to be unique to each mineral/ore (coal in horizontal seams, gold in vertical, flint in round patches, etc.) 3) More Ylandium deposits! I've yet to find one crystal in two maps! need more mutated creatures or more dust drops from each one slain. crystals need to spawn at higher levels than currently seen (by others - not me). higher dust yields from processing crystals. 4) World Generation Options: Allow for specific concentrations of Iron/Copper/Quartz/Ylandium at world creation.
  13. (Please hit the Up-vote arrow at top left if you agree, to get the 'dev's attention on this issue!) Unless I'm missing some item that already does this, please consider allowing the automatic "growth" of greenery "grass" to cover up recently placed dirt in areas where landscaping was performed. This should help eliminate those garish brown lumps that show up as you terraform your land around your base. Thanks!
  14. Chris Young Noize G.


    please add a low quality voice recording for npc voice acting check out https://vocaroo.com/ that records real fast and sends recorded messages fast
  15. Firstly let me state that I haven't scoured the forums for if this has been suggested or not or if it has been addressed by the ylands development team. Through the time I have played this, I have noticed some changes that need to be in effect for a successful release and subsequently longevity and (for you who are concerned about it) profit that the game can make resulting from improved sales upon implementation and release. While multiplayer is fun, it has some serious flaws such as not having the option to have PVE in exploration. I personally do not enjoy being griefed/looted in exploration when I spend my time gathering resources to build these structures, and lets be honest, the protection barrier is something that would only be useful in a pure pvp setting and doesn't provide the prevention of death by player, I suggest having the option to have PVE in a servers launch settings. Include the ability to add custom mobs using both the steam workshop and your current content explorer so that if people want to add the undead (zombies, skeletons, wraiths, ghosts, ect ect.) for example they can, it gives the community the ability to have expanded game play while having no additional effort expended on your part, resulting in more sales. Really need to have the option to befriend people so you don't end up accidentally killing someone you're working with while fighting enemies. There is very little use for beds in multiplayer, other than keeping you from starving to death quicker, they offer no other bonus. I suggest making them a respawn point as that has been the norm in many other games in this same genre, also if possible make it where the night could be set to day if everyone sleeps. Another point that I find needs to be settled is a goal. I suggest adding in a goal of some sort to exploration to give people a sense of achievement. Give the community a boss/npc pirates to fight. Give us randomly generated treasure maps that lead to buried treasure. Something to work towards that lets you feel like you accomplished something.
  16. Lupowop

    Useful Rope

    So ropes... right now they are used in crafting and as decorations... that's it... Ropes would be great to be used to tie things to other things... such as: Tie the small boat or raft to your ship and drag it along on your trip Tie a rope around a tamed horse and pull him along with you as you explore the island on foot (I know you can call a horse but this would be more realistic) Tie up a horse near your base so he doesn't run off before you can build him a pen Use rope for repelling... (grappling hook) when caving without the propeller pack or flying potions Lazoo... why not... you could wrangle things and people... great for PvP Fuses for Gunpowder barrels... make a long fuse... light it and boom Roping a cave as marker.... when caving you tie the end of a rope to the entrance and follow it back to get out I'm sure there are a lot more uses but that's a start...
  17. Ethan Gordon Wilson

    World Creation: Set Seed Value

    Please allow the player to utilize a seed value to influence the world generation, along with entering a world name (already supported). This would allow people to "share" maps apart from the sharing of actual created maps in the workshop. This assumes that worldgen is using seed-based algorithm and output can replicate with same seed values. If no seed value is defined in this option, default to already-implemented seed generation. Lastly, allow players to view seed values used in the "~" screen so they can replicate/share seed values from randomly generated maps. Thanks!
  18. Hi guys, I thought I might come back in for a few ideas. I don't know if anyone posted them yet but I thought it can't hurt to tell you some of mine. I'd love to have an empty and a full bucket, a recline chair and a sunumbrella for my porch, a couch, some curtains for the windows and some strawpiles and a watering can for the garden. Some hanging or standing pots and pans for the kitchen and a sink just for decoration would be awesome too. And now to the bad news. Unfortunately the game lags very very bad since your last update, I guess about 3 weeks ago it started for me to get really annoying, so I would understand if some people would just leave the game. I am playing on a singleplayer and my computer is capable to run Ark Survival Evolved without any problems and I do believe ARK is one of the games people complain a lot about having probs to run it. So to be honest I do not believe that my computer has the problem. Would be nice if you could try to figure out what causes that lag. Thanks And one more thing, maybe noone reported that yet but when I started another new game I had the same special place on 4 islands, I found everywhere that pile of wood logs and a jail sign on the floor and a knife, some wheels. Maybe you'd need to code that this may not happen and that the randomly created islands need to have different special places with loot, otherwise it gets really very fast very boring Luna plays
  19. Hello, here are some bug saw in game (with *). As well as what ideas for Dev. (with -): * When cutting a large tree, the cutout pattern passes over the character. - Add a backpack for exploration. - Change the animation with the axe, the one with the hammer is more like. - To be sick when you eat bad berries. - Be burned when passing by a fire. - Too much food can make us sick. - To tame a wolf like a dog as well as a horse.
  20. 0ldguy

    Editor suggestion

    *Easy ylands maker/design* >hard to make my own player-made island Can easily put/make/drag island to your main generated island >small >medium >large •can easily design and mold island to make it look nice. •shrink and enlarge •extra• 1. more options in putting items i the game. Shrink, expand and bend 2. Mp in editor Fix Mp and Sp bugs 1st Then slowly put suggestions to the game Cause the game is already awesome and I guess we can wait.
  21. I think the main reason that i cant connect to the server is ( Downloading Data ), I think for connecting to servers the game need (HIGH INTERNET SPEED) for downloading. When i want to connect to the servers it get all of my internet speed and make my (INTERNET SPEED) too low or weak and cause of this my it doesn't establish a connection between me and the server and it kicked me and say host unreachable. and other reason is : Every time we want to connect to the server it download to much data from the server, Why shouldn't download it once? Pls fix the servers and mp first in the next update. We need mp and servers to be playable first (NOT BARRIER )
  22. Hi A frequent problem I have in the editor is finding where my character is. I was hoping for a function that moves the camera to a player of choice (by cycle through players, or dropdown menu), that way you can easily find your player on other ylands and such. Thanks!
  23. Jamie McLaughlin


    Hi I have just starting playing the game and just to say that for an early access game there is a lot of content and so much to do. I was wondering if it was possible that withing the crafting and inventory system tabs that there are sub tabs for metal, wood, cloth, leather and so on to be able to narrow down the assets. Thank you
  24. tjdwls

    make beer

    We definitely need a beer for adventure
  25. I've found a few more bugs and hopefully I haven't duplicated a post somewhere but here goes: - Infinite seeds. I cut down a rubber tree and the seeds went into my seed box. After equipping them to my dynamic slot I could plant infinite amounts of rubber trees. Looking in my seed box I still had one seed. - Dynamic slot doesn't update. When using coal in my dynamic slot to fuel engines on my ship I can keep clicking to fuel and even when it gets to 0 it will continue or the item won't disappear from the slot. - Car Chassis. I placed a car chassis down by my home and after I died (trying to get past tesla coils!!) my car chassis seemed to have disappeared? Also can I suggest that the cabinets and storage with scrollable slots be able to be scrolled using the middle mouse scroller please. Would make life so much more easier.