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Found 435 results

  1. When you start the game, it shows a save that is about 6-8 months old. After the game is played and ended, the Save menu appears, which is the last one. However, when the game restarts, the problem is repeated, and the old save is on the menu again. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt PROBLEM SOLVED. When syncing, the old save is saved to the SaveGames folder and saved with the number 1. The game is changing both saves.
  2. I am playing using a Windows Xbox 360 wireless controller. No matter what I do, the input from the right joystick makes my character look around VERY slowly. It takes 10-20 seconds for me to pan from left to right. I've tried turning off all Steam controller configurations and making all adjustments to sensitivity from the Ylands game menu, I've tried using Steam community configurations for the game, I've tried creating my own Steam configurations, and I've even tried using Pinnacle Game Profiler. Nothing seems to affect the rate at which I can move my field of vision (and almost nothing reliably overrides the way the controller is configured to work by the game itself, either. Alternate key bindings are mostly ineffectual). Game pad support for this game is bad enough, but I would persevere if I could at least look around at a normal speed. I'm sorry, but I'm a game pad person; nothing you can say will convince me to play with a mouse and keyboard, so I'm highly motivated to solve this problem! I haven't attached any of the suggested files, because I'm not sure they would be of use in solving my problem. I will attach them later if necessary.
  3. So my friend and I play in co op with sharegame. When we quit the game, it says 'saving in process' and 'uploading sharegame data' like below: This I can see till 85% and then this screen comes up, and can't see above that percent: But if I re-enter the same game just even 5 seconds later the game asks this: If I click 'Yes' it resumes from where I left. Even if my partner enters, nothing is wrong. But if I click 'No' it resumes from the last time I quit the game and it saved, like nothing is saved in cloud after I started playing this session. PS: Internet is really good, so no problem with uploading stuff and if a dev need anything I can help it out. Also if anybody else face same issue please free to comment below.
  4. so when i start the game it gets a black screen and it says program not working. Normal it runs heavy games like pubg and ark. So i can't see the probblem here. my DxDiag.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  5. As seen in the picture, the item size and slot number are on the same side and are superimposed in the bottom most line.
  6. This is a strange one, and probably a tough one to reproduce, but it happened so I'm mentioning it... Earlier today I started a new Explore game, local SP. I did all the normal things, exploring, gathering resources, and so on. The game did crash once, but I didn't think anything of it at that time since it was lagging some then as well. I just restarted and continued on from where it last saved. At one point I decided I was going to move my base to the opposite side of the island. So I grabbed all my items of value into my inventory, and sailed my small boat around to the other side. When I got there, I took this snapshot: I left my Ylander exactly there, standing on that rock. At that point, I decided to switch over to the editor. (Yes, I sometimes do slightly cheat-ish things when I play on my own.) I was only opening it to look at how deep the water is at that part of the shore. Basically, can I park a ship there? BUT... There was a problem when I opened it in the editor. First, it dropped the camera at the original spawn point (it usually drops near the Ylander). When I tried using the "Go To" menu, it would not let me select my Ylander. So I flew the camera to that part of the island, and he was nowhere to be found. No body. No grave. No pile of belongings. Not a single sign that he had ever existed at all. There was no character present anywhere on the map. That got me curious, so I switched back over the Explore mode. It put me right back at the spawn point (my initial base) with nothing but my undies and a broken protective barrier. I ran to the spot where the first Ylander was last seen, and again there was absolutely no sign of him ever existing, other than the abandoned boat. I honestly don't know if the error would have happened normally, if I'd closed it and just reopened in Explore mode, or if the Editor played a part in his disappearance. It could have been the rock, and his position on top of it. Attaching the log files. I also made a copy of the "ylandsgame" file itself, so I have a copy that doesn't change as I continue to play, and I can attach that as well if it is needed. (In this case, I will use the Editor to restore my inventory.) output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. OK Im waiting for 2 days straight now and no one even reads my threads. I would really apprecciate some help. like i said 4 times before, my compositions dont show up.
  8. When placing scenarios and comps in folders they take 1 full day to show up or dont show up at all. So like if I give a friend a comp they can only put it to use a day later.
  9. Hi Dev's, so I after trying 3 times to relog I still fall through my ship. I've also seen that cannon's need to be fixed. After firing once they become useless unfortunately. Anther bug is after firing the cannon's from the barracks it came up with can't not fire cannon while in water. I hope this can get fixed asap, as Stoutcrusher and I had something cool planned, seeming he is one of the few youtubers still playing ylands, please look into this. Regards.output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  10. Hey there, I am currently having issues logging into the game. I tried booting up just now and was greeted with this screen : I have also attached the output logs in order to try and help speed up the resolution. If there is anything else needed, just shout. Kind regards. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  11. Hi, we are playing in a shared game with friends, this bug happened to me (2 times) and to another friend (1 time). I logged out in my home, when I logged in my character was in the spawn point, all inventory was deleted, no map in inventory, no death message, no tomb or items dropped, it was like a freshly generated character and my old character was disappeared. Thanks! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  12. On all the maps I have made, my NPC's always fall through the ground within 3-5 in game days. Only on servers.
  13. I’ve been playing around in the Editor and came across this bug. When using an Event Listener and selecting the Spawn Entity action, it won’t allow you to choose an item. You can’t click or drag and drop an item from the menu into the little box where it should go. This essentially stops you from using this game logic. Unfortunately I’m away from my PC so can’t upload my logs right now. I had a chat with@Stephenw1992 and he can confirm it is broken for him too. EDIT: Added log files output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  14. After the fall, my screen became gray, but I was able to pick up the things that had fallen out of me. But I can not move. I used the / unstack command, but it did not work, I just can not move. After using the / killme command, I appeared in the spawn place, picked up the things dropped from me, but still I still can not move. I play on the official dedicated server (number only in private =)) output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  15. My fiancee and I play Ylands together and she continuously sees Uploading Sharegame Data 100% and the game just stays there. She force closes the application and your Yland is saved but the fact we have to force close the game is quite annoying for her. Other than that the game is great so far and please keep up the good work. These files are from her PC. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  16. Hello im the original owner of the game. i transfer host to my friend , but after that i am unable to host back the game to the latest save , only he is able to host back. Everytime he exit the game , i try to host back but it says the game was shut down incorrectly so the progress is stagnant on my own cloud and rollback all the way to the start. When he host back it goes back to the latest save. How do we fix this?
  17. After experiencing a memory leak that almost lead to BSOD several times during multiplayer with a friend (just the two of us playing over the net) I asked on twitter and was told to post these files here. Hopefully it helps! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  18. I have not tried all the various colors, but when I dyed some items white, it consumed the black pigment instead. (Online MP, Explore NA 10) There was also a momentary glitch where it only displayed the contents of my key ring as items that could be dyed. Edit: It might or might not be relevant that I was using the _White, _Black, _Red, etc pigments found on the color golem. I have not yet crafted my own pigments. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  19. I am currently hosting a sharesave game for my friends. Everytime one of us hosted it says the last person hosting did not synchronize properly. If we start the game anyway the game is either an empty new world or hours behind where we left off. This happens no matter what we try (alt+f4, waiting until the upload is done and i'm looking at the main menu, getting all other players to disconnect first, getting other people to host the server.). This was a feature we were looking forward to because our dedicated server is too buggy to play on (boats teleport you around, kick you off boat, trees falling and becoming inactive). Thank you for your time output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  20. My kiln and forge keep disappearing as i try to interact with them. They reappear after a rejoin. Its frustrating when you load a workstation, and as you feed it wood it disappears. You come back after a rejoin and its there, so you light it.... then it disappears again, so you have to rejoin to see it and get your crafted items out. The items do not appear in inventory when you open a chest to put the freshly crafted items inside. You have to close the chest, open and close inventory, then open the chest and then you can move them inside the chest. Its an intermittent bug. Then there's some items in your inventory that refuse to move to the chest / container ..the number 'might" increase in the container slot, but the item shows as still in inventory, and soon you get the "inventory full" message although there's plenty of empty slots. And it can happen in reverse ..but if you break the container the "stuck" item falls on the ground. Log files are attached for you to wonder at and wave incense laden candles over while chanting the magic mantra "sdnalY" and hopping on one foot facing a full moon... output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  21. Version : Platform : Windows 10 Steam Bug : Lanterns placed in Stone Arched Window cannot be picked up. How to reproduce : I built a wall using 2x1 stone blocks and added a stone arched window (the one with the rounded top). Some time later when the wall was hardened I made a standard lantern and wanted to see what it looked like in the arched window. I could not get it lined up how I wanted it using Free Place mode so I used "G" to Fine Free Place the Lantern to get it in the middle of the ledge. I then quickly discovered I could no longer pick up the Lantern. I suspect it is "inside" the bounding box of the arched window.
  22. We had a griefer arrive and chop down all the trees around our builds. No big deal really but its a waste of time cleaning up and replanting. We thought no one could cut down trees inside a protection barrier, but if you look at the "playing the game fairly" thread you can see it can be done. There are pictures of BB's build before, with trees adjacent to it, and on my post the same area after the griefing visit. Can this be investigated, Please?
  23. I've noticed on numerous occasions that using right-click/equip from your inventory doesn't always work. The item you equip to the hotbar slot 0 briefly appears in the avatars hand and then disappears quickly, slot 1 (bare hands) stays active. This usually results in me punching things I didn't intend on punching. In this example I pick up some tall grass, open my inventory and right-click on my iron shovel, the shovel shows briefly but my active hotbar selection stays as slot 1 bare hands instead of changing to slot 0. Note that the icon for my shovel is still in the hotbar in slot 0 where it should be, it just doesn't get selected after equipping it from the inventory. This has also happened when taking item from chests and then trying to equip another item but I can't quite figure out what might cause this to happen. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  24. The hotkeys inventory won't return after exiting the raft (could be all sea craft) and I have to double tap Tab to get it to return or get back into the raft and exit. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  25. Seems like seeds are the number 1 culprit, but, they go into my basket, or sack, but they remain in my inventory but aren't really there. I get out then back in & it's fine, but the inventory space is too valuable. Hoping that in .10 they make inventory bigger, not great when you spend more time dealing with inventory than playing, but...having said that, I love this game so so so much.