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Found 658 results

  1. Hi, I tried searching for a way to change my in-game name but I didn't find any so I post this request on this forum. I installed the game and first launched it while i was with friends at home and they had the "amazing" idea to block my actual nickname which contains the n-word. Of course it was not my intention to put that nickname on my character and i want to know if it's possible to change it as "Nebus" or "N3bus". I also think that the possibility to change the character name more than one time could be a nice feature !
  2. Dmitriy Greenwood

    Name Change Request

    Hello. Help me rename my character name in the game from "Dimaa" to "Robinson" or "Robinzon" or "Greenwood". Thank you.
  3. Hello! I tried searching for a way to change my in-game name and apparently the only way to do this is creating a topic here in the forums. It would be very useful if you were able to do this in game more than once (maybe once every x days?). I set my name to "SirVolpe" back when the game launched because I thought I was creating a character name and would like to change it to "Volpe", "VolpeBR" or "VolpeDasFuchs" if possible. Also on the character topic, I tend to roleplay in-game a lot so a way to create characters that show their name in game instead of your account name could be very useful for that!
  4. Hi, I had an issue after migration from windows 7 to windows 10. The game didn"t start anymore, I stayed stuck with a black screen, I could play once and changed the graphics quality in the unity launcher. After impossible to start. I soluced my problem with adding the parameters -show-screen-selector in the starting option and being able to change the graphics quality. since my game works. I hope this will be usefull
  5. So I wanted to go back and play the older version of 0.9 I managed to get the files the game to the error 444. The error is as follows gameservice/getuserprofile: code:444 apicode: unsupportedclient message: unkown version for key: [platformid='pc_win',version='0.9.0']
  6. So i started a new exploration game and began playing on the starter island. I was able to craft but later when i quit my game and came back again, i had this shaded menu guide for learning to craft rope even though i had already made the stone axe and completed it's respected tutorial, later on i realised i couldn't craft with the craft button in the menu. I'm not sure what triggered the bug, but it might be only for the starter island when leaving and resuming the current exploration game. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. Hi everyone! We have found a bug, which causes data loss while linking accounts. As far as we know, it has only happened in a few isolated instances, but please, if you believe this happened to you OR you know someone affected by this bug, please let me know! We are working on a solution as we speak and will keep you posted on this. Thank you for your help and your wonderful patience, everyone!
  8. NobleKillalot

    RESOLVED Broken Ship

    i have a few times (not every time) started my world and to my suprise my pristine ship are in a broken state. That in combined with that "wierd respawning / teleporting after the update" bug makes going in to just build abit on my mansion kinda annoying.
  9. My game feels like 30 fps but i have 60+ fps. I tried VSYNC off/on, fullscreen off/on but nothing changes. I have this problem since i bought the game in 2018. And i bought the game to a friend and he also has the same problem with an RTX 2070 and a 240hz monitor
  10. Hola, con la ultima actualización me esta dando error todos los objetos animados que tengo configurados en el mapa. En las pantallas que os envio se ve que el check de animado esta seleccionado. Gracias. ------------- Hello, with the latest update I am giving error all the animated objects that I have configured on the map. On the screens that I send you you can see that the animated check is selected. Thank you. ------------------------ SPAMiguel
  11. I need a name changed; The one in-game under "Player Details" not the one here on the forum. For some reason this is showing my last name; which my 12 yr old daughter plays this game, not me. It should not be using Personal information in a public game. I can event think of where Ylands would have gotten my last name; I don't have that information saved to my Bohemia Account. My steam account is linked, but the gamertag on there is not my last name either. Please change the in-game name to the same as my Bohemia Account, SmplNerd (Not the one on this forum; Why the Bohemia profile name is different than the one on the forum is beyond me.. its actually really stupid having the names setup this way!) The name change process needs to be easier, and quicker, for Privacy issues such as this! I can't even click the name to change it in-game at all! Link it to our Steam name or something!
  12. when i restart the game, my character isn't where i left him, but at the map player spawn (beach of a tier 1 island, always the same spot) and my ship is unsummoned. no loss of progress, character has all his inventory. i deleted all progress to start fresh after the update. done the tutorial island, made a boat, left for another map (local) gathered resources, made a basic ship with blueprint i saved in the previous version of the game, found an island i liked, made a starter base (character has a bed spawn), exited the game.. when i started the game again, i was teleported to a beach of a previously undiscovered island. same thing happens on another local map. it seems that after playing for 20-30 minutes at least, the save gets messed up. (i verified integrity of game files, all was ok)
  13. Having an "arrow" aim at an object doesn't work. We don't have a rotation offset to fix the problem. This would help with rotation problems as many entities use different base rotations. Ex: Arrow, Door, Blocks, etc.
  14. Hello, I had submitted this problem to "support", was given suggestions but it didn't work. Can someone please help me with this? When logging into the game this message pops up. "OAuth Login: code -1 api message: cannot connect to destination host"
  15. are you planning to make a joint game mode from your phone and computer?
  16. Rogueliker

    RESOLVED Need a name change

    Hi! I would like to change my account name/displayed name in game and I would appreciate being contacted in a message. I tried via the account page here but it didn't take. Thank you!
  17. Hi, My longest game just dissappeared. Map shows my mother-ship in the middle of big Yland, but there is no my ship anywhere. Thank you for very stressfull game. Regards, ComR
  18. TylerHibbz27


    I just tried to launch with 2 other friends but mine says i crashed before i even load into the gameerror.log
  19. I like to create a lot of environments that's are specifically made for night-time. This makes it very difficult to work with, since the editor is daytime! Ex:
  20. MelonJuice-dc568c65dc2e2d28

    RESOLVED Can I have my user changed?

    I installed this game around 2 years ago, only just picked it up again and I've got a user from when I first started that I don't exactly think is cool anymore. Can I get it changed? My current user is Circuit, I'd like it changed to Crocus. Thanks!
  21. In game I'm trying to buy coyns but I can't I'm clicking buy button but It doesn't open the steam's buy screen, I could see before the update.(I'm using last version PC)
  22. Hi, Since the last update i'm having regular crashes with sometimes several minutes of gameplay lost. I did notice that most crashes occurred not long after an alt+tab for web browsing and such, or when using Spotify. I have a dual sreen setup and i tried both windowed en fullsscreen mode, but the game still crash. Although the windowed mode tend to crash less (just my impression though) Log files attached : output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  23. hola las llaves de cerrar puertas da error y dice que esa llave no es , me paso al cambiar de isla . y antes de la actualización no tenias que sacar las llaves para abrir y cerrar . con el llavero ya valía para abrir y cerrar. ara tengo que romper puertas para poder entrar al barco .haber si podéis solucionar porque no es la primera vez que me pasa . pos suerte estaba dentro del barco y es mas facil solucionar pero ara las llaves no me sirven .gracias y siento las molestias