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Found 577 results

  1. Hi, I had an issue after migration from windows 7 to windows 10. The game didn"t start anymore, I stayed stuck with a black screen, I could play once and changed the graphics quality in the unity launcher. After impossible to start. I soluced my problem with adding the parameters -show-screen-selector in the starting option and being able to change the graphics quality. since my game works. I hope this will be usefull
  2. So i started a new exploration game and began playing on the starter island. I was able to craft but later when i quit my game and came back again, i had this shaded menu guide for learning to craft rope even though i had already made the stone axe and completed it's respected tutorial, later on i realised i couldn't craft with the craft button in the menu. I'm not sure what triggered the bug, but it might be only for the starter island when leaving and resuming the current exploration game. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. Hi everyone! We have found a bug, which causes data loss while linking accounts. As far as we know, it has only happened in a few isolated instances, but please, if you believe this happened to you OR you know someone affected by this bug, please let me know! We are working on a solution as we speak and will keep you posted on this. Thank you for your help and your wonderful patience, everyone!
  4. NobleKillalot

    RESOLVED Broken Ship

    i have a few times (not every time) started my world and to my suprise my pristine ship are in a broken state. That in combined with that "wierd respawning / teleporting after the update" bug makes going in to just build abit on my mansion kinda annoying.
  5. My game feels like 30 fps but i have 60+ fps. I tried VSYNC off/on, fullscreen off/on but nothing changes. I have this problem since i bought the game in 2018. And i bought the game to a friend and he also has the same problem with an RTX 2070 and a 240hz monitor
  6. Hola, con la ultima actualización me esta dando error todos los objetos animados que tengo configurados en el mapa. En las pantallas que os envio se ve que el check de animado esta seleccionado. Gracias. ------------- Hello, with the latest update I am giving error all the animated objects that I have configured on the map. On the screens that I send you you can see that the animated check is selected. Thank you. ------------------------ SPAMiguel
  7. when i restart the game, my character isn't where i left him, but at the map player spawn (beach of a tier 1 island, always the same spot) and my ship is unsummoned. no loss of progress, character has all his inventory. i deleted all progress to start fresh after the update. done the tutorial island, made a boat, left for another map (local) gathered resources, made a basic ship with blueprint i saved in the previous version of the game, found an island i liked, made a starter base (character has a bed spawn), exited the game.. when i started the game again, i was teleported to a beach of a previously undiscovered island. same thing happens on another local map. it seems that after playing for 20-30 minutes at least, the save gets messed up. (i verified integrity of game files, all was ok)
  8. Hello, I had submitted this problem to "support", was given suggestions but it didn't work. Can someone please help me with this? When logging into the game this message pops up. "OAuth Login: code -1 api message: cannot connect to destination host"
  9. Hi, My longest game just dissappeared. Map shows my mother-ship in the middle of big Yland, but there is no my ship anywhere. Thank you for very stressfull game. Regards, ComR
  10. TylerHibbz27


    I just tried to launch with 2 other friends but mine says i crashed before i even load into the gameerror.log
  11. In game I'm trying to buy coyns but I can't I'm clicking buy button but It doesn't open the steam's buy screen, I could see before the update.(I'm using last version PC)
  12. Hi, Since the last update i'm having regular crashes with sometimes several minutes of gameplay lost. I did notice that most crashes occurred not long after an alt+tab for web browsing and such, or when using Spotify. I have a dual sreen setup and i tried both windowed en fullsscreen mode, but the game still crash. Although the windowed mode tend to crash less (just my impression though) Log files attached : output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  13. hola las llaves de cerrar puertas da error y dice que esa llave no es , me paso al cambiar de isla . y antes de la actualización no tenias que sacar las llaves para abrir y cerrar . con el llavero ya valía para abrir y cerrar. ara tengo que romper puertas para poder entrar al barco .haber si podéis solucionar porque no es la primera vez que me pasa . pos suerte estaba dentro del barco y es mas facil solucionar pero ara las llaves no me sirven .gracias y siento las molestias
  14. "Problem with your data. Contact admin if it persists." After I join multiplayer and was immediately banned by admin, all I get is this message when I try to play Exploration. Just made the most awesome glass ship... output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  15. As the title says, some workstations built on ship would rotate itself upon "feed" and "ignite" actions. Attaching screenshots just in case. How to replicate: Build a ship Install a workstation that has "Feed" and "Ignite" functions, i.e., stove, blacksmith station, kiln, and a few others. Feed or ignite it (either by hand or button) and the workstation will rotate right away. Thank you for your time, have a good day.
  16. Hello, I played this game for a few hours and enjoyed it very much. So I bought this game, but when I wanted to play an exploration game, I deleted my current game. I couldn't start any game anymore, so I wanted to link my account to be able to contact the technical support of this game, and by doing that, it deleted my account and my purchase of the game. Now I have lost my first account (the one before I linked it) and that deleted my purchase, yet I paid it well ... Please help me find my old account and the paid version of the game I bought.
  17. someone here trying to get help and getting a little frantic (they don;t seem to know where to go) https://steamcommunity.com/app/298610/discussions/0/3038228835120862664/
  18. I have create a game with editor when 1.6 version. and it's running good, but when i update to 1.7. The game can't running, whatever press F9 or F10. And there is no any any any information show to me. The editor just no any response.(I can run another game.) I have save all components, and new a map, put them in. but still can't running it. And i can't save the game. once i try to save. the console show me saving....and then it never show finished. I hope to know what could i do for check what happen with my game? How can i find the problem? how can i running it again? Really need help, thanks~ If you need my yca. i will send it.
  19. I've eaten 14 toadstools and they don't seem to stop my starving status. I can even eat them after i'm full ?. Just to be sure, i made a logic in the editor that tells me how much of my hunger has been restored from eating food. boletus mushroom gave 5 points and sorrel leaf gave me 1 point, but toadstool gave me no points.
  20. Hey guys, I received the coyns from the exploration pack again when logging in today. I already received the coyns when the pack was first split off, so now I have twice as many coyns as I really ought. This isn't a negative, but I also didn't pay for these which is a bit of an issue.
  21. I have just reset my character again in exploration and just like the first time I have spawned as a new character without a new PB. I thought this issue had been resolved? Is this still an issue when resetting your character or has there been an update to find a broken PB or something?
  22. raven39221

    RESOLVED Exploration Bug

    Hi there I'm Raven. (raven39221 on Steam) and I have a problem. Before Ylands got it's first MAJOR update I owned the game. Back when it was in Early Access in fact. Before updating the game the developers promised that we, the people who already had the game from the start, would still have our Exploration for free. In my case, Steam visibly shows me that the Exploration DLC is in fact there, but in-game I get a prompt to pay. Why is this... I have supported this game for years now. Now when I FINALLY return to it, it's free and I don't even have my dam Exploration DLC working. Please help me... I don't have any files attached except these images because this seems to be something not related to the game itself.
  23. but if i create a account this appear i tried with another e-mail but nothings works