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Found 479 results

  1. Mobile: Social: Friends on pc not showing online on mobile
  2. go to merchant offer anything set auto balance button (or however it's called ) see gold being added from npc's offer trade get no gold in that trade
  3. i've encountered this while building a ship in a multiplayer game so other than that: 1 craft some building blocks, like bamboo 1x2x4 blocks 2 start building them on a ship 3 when you get to last one, it will say "-bamboo block" and will not put it where you told it to it also happened to me when i was trying to put torch stand on raft
  4. A problem of not being able to join certain servers even after hotfix.
  5. Horses are sometimes invisible for other players and names of players are flashing when riding.
  6. My encounters so far with enemy NPCs are impossible to win (and impossible to lose). I think it is related to the map option of no damage from other players. This cannibal and I have been swinging at each other for a very long time, and nobody is losing any health. I even upgraded to an iron mace and an iron sword, and turned on his health bar in the Editor. He can't hurt me and I can't hurt him, but he'll still chase me around.
  7. Hello, I am trying to login with my steam account and it tells me ''Login in Progress'' and it stops there. What can I do?
  8. i tried to login 3 times but always stops at " login in progress" any help?
  9. Every time I try to start up a share game, I get the error; "Error Updating Session Backend Request Error (400)" All of my friends are getting the exact same error code. We can't play together. I've completely uninstalled the game and deleted all of my sharegames.
  10. I know this happens for the stone hammer. Have not tested the other hammers yet. Every time I activate the hammer, it gives a message about not deconstructing objects outside the "active zone." I know this refers to the protective barrier, but it is a strange message to show EVERY time the hammer is selected. edit: I also does this when using the War Hammer, so it does seem to affect all of them.
  11. Cannot exit car on mobile game (try my iOS tutorial, get in and out of car.
  12. Chat box does not disappear when using ~ key. Makes it hard to film.
  13. Hello, always a bug with the sound effect only. When my character is beside something in action (stove, ...), the sound jumps and jerks.
  14. Strange Bug I found. I set a chain of UI. Where the Button (Player 1 Select) has text (Player 1). Player 1 Text will be set to online players. I then try to recall the information using the console function. Button = Player 1 Select As I try to click my own name it only shows up as "TEXT".
  15. Bug způsobující že vám nebude zima pod vodou díky zapálené pochodni. Stačí zapálit pochodeň a pak třeba z lodě skočit do moře a potopit se. Pochodeň není v ruce vidět ale funguje stále jako kdyby tam byla tudíž vás hřeje a neumrznete. Obrázek sem žádný nedám, protože se to nedá vyfotit. Zkuste to sami a uvidíte. 🤗
  16. 100% of mobile games broke -- say "incompatible game version". All mini-game options broken.
  17. For some reason I cannot assign a sprite in-game. Additionally, if I try to replace "get sprite button widget" with an actual image, it soft-crashes my editor, making me unable to save the file.
  18. Playlands is down for most P1 people -- crashing a lot, when we can get in, we cant start games or enter fashion area. https://gyazo.com/924d9b557a7870a08c73f9cc488b1b5c
  19. Mobile Feedback #3 -- Unable to join PC player when invited on mobile to PC player's Ylands in Playlands and most other games but not all. Try it with my golf game for example.
  20. I just met up with a Polar Bear. Shot two sets of pistol bullets at him. He didnt even flinch. Hit a number of times with sword and didnt have any effect again. Got slain but not getting any respawn option. Just Main Menu button. Unless I am missing something I am stuck! I have attached the logs and zipped game. Please let me know if there is a way out of this. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt SAMARKUELS_PAD.zip
  21. when I move my character, the background flashes (no problem with the previous version of the game)
  22. Bug reported originally by Bobbi: I have tried to upload editor explore maps and it is impossible for me. I create the map, then /exportlocal. So I can open it locally. I can even host it. What I can't do is make it into any kind of .ylandgame that I can upload to our private servers. I have tried uploading it to the workshop, but all that did was put my map out there for random people to download and play. It did not result in a map that I can put on our private server, nor could I ever get back into the game I downloaded and started. As it stands now, I can't use these maps. Thus they can not be used on P1 gaming servers. I will stand down and wait for either an explanation of how to make them work for private servers or a fix. My players are leaving, and I'm not far behind them. Bobbi aka bbcakes
  23. Cannot set price: Frag nades... most blocks Cannot set damage: all grenades
  24. If you make a custom window with buttons, any chat that appears in-game will disable clickable buttons underneath it. Suggestion: Have chat always be underneath custom windows.
  25. Whenever me, or any of my friends attempts to join my server the game gives me a generic dialog and simple doesnt connect. I am currently laying down on a ship in the wter, could that have something to do with it? I really dont have alot of informtion to go off of, this is all it says. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt DxDiag.txt