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Found 290 results

  1. vengz


    pls fix these bugs... players can put dirt in protective barier area... they can put full of dirt infront of your door... they can come near to your walls and Use 'C' to see in your base and use your storages,Chestsss and pick your items... THEY CAN STOLE YOUR ITEMS OUT OF YOUR BASE ,, THEY CAN USE YOUR STORAGES , CHESTS OUT OF YOUR BASEEE...
  2. I got this game 2 days ago and im loving it ive got 33 hours put in to this world so far but I cannot find any structures ive sailed to 5 islands and found none... I have watched videos of people finding heaps of Structures on one island. (I really dont want to restart this world)
  3. Hi, So, well, once again I travelled to my Vulture Yland to see if bug I've found is real. This time I had rifles, crossbows, war axes and so on. I tried all methods and all the time results were the same except one situation, so: 1) I realised this first time when I managed to hunt Vulture in the sky: nothing was left by it. I tried many times to be sure, I also tried to hunt seagulls. I tried all weapons and both animals. Also: I tried it when animals were on land, in the air, below water (yes, birds can be found flying below water) and all variations possible: birds walking under water, bird glitching/spawned into the slopes (under and above water) and so on. I wasn't hunting pinguins and I do not like hunting at all for well, for my sensitivity/humanly reasons, I feel it's wrong (and yes, I'm the same guy who tries to convince you to give us back killing animations/gutting and bones). So, results are always the same: a) If a bird (any bird) is on the ground (with the exceptions of animals being trapped in high slopes) - it will leave you meat and feathers. For example - if you set baits - it will work. b) If you hit bird in the air, but close to you and ground between you and the bird is flat - you will seemeat and feathers landing - with "boom!". And it will be mostly there. c) If you hit any bird above water - in most cases (95%) - there will be nothing left. d) If you hit any bird above ground, but terrain is'nt flat or there is an obstacle between you and the hunted bird - bird will leave nothing. The only way to hunt Vultures and Seagulls alike is to set a trap and hunt them on the ground or to use propeller and fly almost directly above them, above ground or very shallow waters, so you can clearly see when the meat should land. And only then you will find meat there. I hope it will help to find a bug? Thank you for the great game! BTW. I started my idea to make it possible to play Yland in cheapest VR possible. If I succeed - I'll contact you, so you could add another FREE option to your great game! Bartosz
  4. hello can any dev help my problem? i lose all my item and i lose my current character after i logout.. when i try to login its required i must create new character and after i made a character i cant find any my item (i was logout in my home building) and in my new character i didnt get letter (usually get one after died) output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  5. the large ship still cant have things placed on it. it doesnt move around as much with the latest update when you try build on it, but it always claims location too far
  6. Ylands is a great game, although because of early access, it can have some phenomenal game breaking bugs. As the title says - my brother and I were playing in a ylands world, He had entered a raft, and then all controls were locked. he sailed into the distant ocean, unable to control it. I opened the world in the editor and found him and his raft. I deleted the raft moved him to our island and repositioned my boat because it hit a rock. I saved and joined the world. Upon entry I noticed 2 things. one, my boat was in its original position, no changes. My brother tried to walk, and all his controls were locked. I then went back into the editor, and spawned in a large boat to test. When I saved and entered the world, the boat had not spawned in, and my brother was stuck. Sorry for the long post, I hope to see this bug get squashed! Ylands is a great game, I honestly think its worth 20$ With much more content at a early release im exited to see what comes! Thanks - Crow
  7. Hello, So i managed to find a sufficient amount of Ylandium, and i have enough to build a charging station, unfortunately, wherever i try to place it, it shows with a RED grid all around, no matter where i go, outside, in my house, on top of my house, on my ship (even worse this makes my ship rock and roll like it s going to sink), on a mountain... You name it i tried it all, and when finally, even with the RED grid i try to click to place it,i get either "Location Too Far" even if i try to build just under my nose, or, "There Is Not Enough Space" even if i try to place it in the open... That is all in solo game because as some of you may know by now, MP is a NO NO for me as it is.
  8. I love this game and love the exploration side of it most. But this last time I was in the process of building up a large ship. I was about 2/3 finished when I was launched into the air. I was walking up stairs, wanted to jump one, and was launched into the air. When I came back down onto the ship I had lost three hearts and the ship leaned and shimmied to the side. I hit something else and died, plunging to the bottom of the water. That wasn't the awful part. My ship was completely turned onto its side. There is no way I can think of to fix this. I don't mind dying because I have become a pro at recovering from it. But I can't rebuild yet another ship. Can you please help me? Can you at least tell me what the heck happened that makes sense? My character has never been launched like that before today. Attached are the files requested output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  9. Hello, so after the game updated, I decide to try MP server, everything was fine at the beginning (I'm playing on Official Server Explore PA 17). And just about 10 mins ago, I decide to explore a bit futher to polar biome. Planning to go to the cave, I put unnecessary stuff on my ship. I tried to put down the herbs bag, it placed just fine. Then when I put my seed box on my ship with V, it instantly gone poof. At that moment is at night, and my character feels freezing, so I decide to make fireplace on top of my ship under platfrom. Then same thing happen like seed box, the fireplaces I made is instantly gone poof. So I'm quickly decide to relog, everything works fine until loading. Now I'm stuck at Raising Ocean 0.0%. Here is Output logs Output logs after item gone poof.rar Output logs after loading stuck - raising ocean 0%.rar
  10. His character didn't die or anything but he was forced to create a new character and was spawned on some distant island we had not discovered yet and when I list account privelages(/lap) it lists me and two other people both by the same name but with different ids. Is there anything we can do to make it so he has his old character file, id or to get him back home or at the very least make sure this doesn't happen again?
  11. Hi everyone! Everytime I try to play I have this bug; The mousse start spinning right after respawning, I always have a controller pluged in, but never had this bug on previous versions of the game. Tried to plug out the controller, still spinning. Restarted with the controller out, still spinning. So, is not the controler, nor the mousse as everything is fine, just when I spawn, the bug begins, and it's impossible to play. Any help, please? Thanks!
  12. According to the in-game help, the protective barrier, when active, will protect the plot owner from damage by other players while offline. However on the official NA 4 server I had an activated protected barrier and was within plot while offline and I was still PK'd. When I logged back in on the NA4 server I was even able to catch the name of the person that killed me.
  13. My sister is hosting the server, I am the client. We have both had issues getting stuck inside the ship when we somehow walk into it the wrong way. She was able to quit out and move the ship in the editor for her own character and once the ship was moved she was unstuck. My character got stuck in the ship and she can't find my body in the editor, so not sure if moving the ship this time will help or not. Being stuck in the ship appears to prevent my game from loading as well, unless that's something else that is totally unrelated. Update: After she tried moving the ship in the editor (though she still can't find my body), I was able to load in, but it demanded that I make a new character - and when I did so it did the "frozen at the character creation black screen" thing. So...not sure how to get into game now... ::sigh:: ...After, like, 30 hours of game play. I think there needs to be an "unstuck" command or something that we can somehow issue to the game to get ourselves out of these terrain glitches and such. Probably not an easy thing, by any means, to implement - but if it's doable, I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated by the community. Another ship-related issue I keep having, as the client, is that every time I walk away from our ship to explore something and come back, it is just a dark black, seemingly un-rendered hull with no sails or ladders or any chests or anything built on it any more. The host, my sister, says it still renders for her and works okay, but it is just an empty black hull for me almost every time I walk away from it and return - so i can't access anything on the ship or even get on the ship itself, I just get stuck in it. ::shrug:: Not sure why that is. Attached are my own output_log and output_log_clean - not sure if those are helpful or if you have to have the host's logs. Thank you! output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  14. Two Sandstone Medium Ramp blocks require the iron chisel as a material rather than a tool. The entire iron chisel is used to create a single Medium Sandstone ramp Block. There are two recipes this occurs for as far as I can tell, The plain Sandstone ramp and the convex corner ramp block. Both are medium recipes.
  15. V-Alfred

    Can't login at workshop

    Hey I just encountered a bug that never happen to me before, I'm trying to go to workshop and auto login prompt pops out, then I tried to login. But it says like the picture, I tried clicking the G+ but the result is still same. I don't know why. Ignore that bad sensor, I need to hide my email address.. Are you still working on the website or it's bug, devs? Thanks
  16. When using the paint gun, I can choose one of the color squares in the simple pallet to select. When I select the white box it puts the 255,255,255 in. However it will not paint unless I reduce at least one of the three to 254, For me I will never know the difference in white by 1. Really enjoying the game.
  17. Jimmi Sandy's Xtrasalien

    KNOWN ISSUE invisible block texture

    mám problém se stavbou, některé bloky jako dřevěná kostka nebo panel po odchodu do vzdálenosti asi 10 metrů zmizí. ukazují se jen některé bloky, které pak levitují ve vzduchu. naopak u stromů se stane jejich zbytky po pokácení zmizí, když jsem v jeho blízkosti. Když se pak poodstoupím tak se objeví ... hostuji server pro kamaráda, který má podobné problémy. Myslím, že když jsme začali hrát, tak jsme neměli problém, dokud jsme nepostavili loď, ale nejsem si jistý jistý. Poraďte mi prosím co s tím, už si nevím rady I have a problem with building, some blocks like a wooden cube or a panel after leaving to a distance of about 10 meters disappears. only some blocks are shown, which then levitate in the air. on the contrary, the trees become their remains after the felling disappears when I am near. When I go back then I will show up ... I host a server for a friend who has similar problems. I think when we started playing, we did not have a problem until we built the ship, but I'm not sure for sure. Please tell me what I'm doing, I do not know anymore output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  18. beto12_sanfer

    RESOLVED Ship Wheel

    I traveled so far from my Island, to discover map. I arrived to Ice Island, all normally, but when i went to return to my island, the ship didnt twist, only go forward and backward. I decided to change the wheel, but when i gonna place it, the ship start do strange things Ylands_Ship_bug.rar
  19. Rawdeegaming

    Ship of Doom!

    I do not know what we have done, but the game has broken for me, not for other players though. I've built a ship and made cannons on it, while using a cannon, I suddenly got stuck in the ships hull. I tried /unstuck 0 and that made things worse. I cannot move, even after a relog, I am in the same position. I think we found a pretty critical bug. I am not sure if that's something you're interested in seeing logs from, or even joining the server and try and use the ship yourself. I just crashed the game for another player as well. Seems like I've made the ship of doom! If someone wants to see the bug in real life, I'll gladly give you our server name and password. After getting stuck, we managed to get free with /unstuck 0, but could not move from there until getting killed. Going over to the boat, will get you stuck again, just by being near it. For some odd reason, the VOD is not visible on the streaming page, I've asked support about it, cause everything was recorded. When I have the VOD, I'll post a link here. output_log.txt error.log
  20. I decided to build a ship together with a friend. we built it. But then when we decided to build a second mast, a bug occurred. Now when I try to build any element, writes:: "location is too far" or "there is not enough space". Even in the process of building the ship throws in different directions. Sorry for my English, I'm from Russia and use the translator) output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  21. Gristle-4e5a1c0e661b6b1a

    Ylands crashes Steam client

    Have had Ylands crash my Steam client several times now. Symptoms are both Ylands and Steam becoming un-responsive and the Steam window gets an odd grey border, almost like old style Windows window borders. Is there any logging that I should be providing the next time this happens?
  22. I was hosting a game for a friend, I went to go out - knowing I would probably starve to death and come to pick up my items later. I had my character lie down on a bed (upper floor up a ladder) in a small house we had found. When I starved to death, I could not find my inventory next to my tombstone indoors I thought this was a bug if dieing on a bed incase the world did not have my coordinates, just the item I was using (the bed). However I after realized all my inventory was on the roof! After building a ladder I was able to retrieve. TLDR: When a character dies indoors, items are 'dropped from the sky' and will land on the roof X,Y,Z instead of the the characters Z position.
  23. Build: Hosting Multiplayer: Not dedicated What Happened I was playing multiplayer (not using DS) with a friend and had just started using the Seed Packet Box. I placed 3 groups of 60 cotton seeds into the seed packet box and kept them in separate stacks, ready to plant 3 plots of 60 cotton. I dragged one of the three groups of cotton seeds onto my avatar from within my inventory to equip it, and used hotkey 0 to start planting. I found that the number of seeds in that hotbar slot did not decrement as I planted them. I assumed they were being fed in from the other groups of seeds in the seed packet box, but after planting all three plots with 60 seeds each, all 180 that I had, I still had two full stacks remaining in the seed packet box, and could still plant more. What I expected Planting seeds from the seed packet box should decrement the correct seed stack until it is gone, after which you can no longer plant until another is equipped. Steps to Reproduce Open the editor Place down a Seed Packet Box and 2 cotton seeds Test the scenario Pick up the seed packet box and cotton seeds Drop the cotton seeds into the seed packet box Enter the seed packet box and separate the seeds into two stacks Drag and drop one of the seeds onto the avatar to equip it Exit the inventory Switch to cotton seed on your hotbar Plant an unlimited number of seeds
  24. On dismantling this alchemist pants, it gives acai berries instead of rags. The shoes gave rags, but im not sure of the other sets. This was found in the map, not crafted.