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Found 36 results

  1. Hello! I noticed a little bit of an annoying thing with the inventory: if you are moving items between inventories, the same items will not stack together until they first enter the inventory. For example I have a chest with 5 grass, and want to move the 5 more grass in my inventory to the chest. Regardless of whether I right-click it in or drag-and-drop, it never stacks with the existing grass, and goes to a new slot, and only then I can click and move them to stack them together. Similar thing with the seedbox for example - if I am moving seeds from a chest to a seedbox in my inventory, I have to first move the seeds to my inventory and then to the seedbox, it cannot be done in one drag-and-drop move. Fixing this would be a nice QoL time-saver. Thanks!
  2. Sometimes when you click Take all or harvest corn for example, tems get bugged on inventory, the icon is rendered outside the inventory but the actual item is in the correct location, but it cant be moved This can be fixed by going to the main menu and continuing Its a minor bug, and it doesnt happen that offten, sems to happen when inventory is somewhat full
  3. Good morning, I have been trying to test the game during the 60 minutes free and I thought a good game with a future if it finishes. I still have 15 minutes left to spend but I doubt I can play it, in fact, the constant falls have eaten a quarter of an hour of free time in what took to close the game forcibly since the meter did not stop until then. Recently installed it has not given me problems, but as I have been advancing it has started to suck in RAM more and more. I have been consuming 82% of RAM. In addition, constant declines have come as much from opening the inventory as from selecting the manufacturing tab. Sometimes I have managed to access without falling, but when I have to "make" some object has fallen and it has been for most of my playing time. Another fault I have seen has been with the sharks, they are buried in the earth or they do not attack.
  4. Sometimes item's visual icon jumps to the lower border of the inventory. Space in inventory is still occupied and I cannot interact with it. I don't think I moved any of those items recently. Restarting game resolves, no items lost. Example: Quantity of iron ore stays in the box, icon is at lower left corner.
  5. Hello, I noticed, that player´s are often saying - game is little bit complicated. I was thinking how to simplified something and here is my first idea. This game have so much great item´s to craft, but if you want make (for example) 10 item´s, it´s sometime´s hard to remember all item´s which are needed. I lend you´r PIN from messages, and put it into window´s with item´s. (all engine´s, left corner) When you want craft it, just click on pin, to save recipe. Recipe will appear on orange line - miniature and pin will change color to red. When you choose all what you need (I make just 3 item´s for show you) you can go into container´s and start collecting item´s. When you forgot, what to take, just put cursor (no click) on recipe miniature and it wil scroll you list of required item´s. After you put cursor away, list will dissapear. (sorry, I haven´t cursor on image here) When you have all, miniature will be colourfull like in crafting and you can unpin it or leave it if you use it frequently. Great will be, when you will need just click on miniature and it will open window with recipe in crafting - becouse you spend time with searching recipe´s first time. What do you think?
  6. Hello, I must say it's a bit annoying to click "equip" or drag berries to slots or to my avatar hands and then close inventory and click again to eat. It would be much easier if we just could click right button to eat something or place sleeping bag on the ground. Of course, it should work this wa only if there is no open chest and right click is needed then for moving items. And... it would be really nice if we could carry small urns, clay pots, small boxes and above all: small bags - it's realistic and it would not ruin the game if we could move such objects, even if we could place few things in it, three slots it's not a big deal and after all, we have to make them, use resources, so, it would be nice to have small wicked basket for mushrooms, bag for vegetables or just general purpose clay pots or... different size backpacks or even big suitcase, with 9 slots, but we could carry it with both hands... Just for fun. BTW. There is a bug... You can find few objects, like clay urns, you can carry these, so I was happy that at last we can make clay pots that can be moved around without destroying anything every time we want to move such things. That's... REALLY annoying... And I hope I can make at last general purpose containers! Unfortunately it's just a bug... Additionally it's a magical magical urn. Turns out, if I open any container and I have at least one item in the urn and at least one the same item in the container, by right clicking I can copy that thing indefinitely! I was able to make hundreds copies of bullets, grain, planks, nails, armour and so on... It was fun, but it ruined whole game after all. To check this bug - find urn in explored world (I don't remember where was it. It was in some king of ruin if I remember well), pick up the urn (yes, you can do it). Place anything in it, for example plank. Build any container (wicker basked always works) and place one plank in it. Then open the basket, then click the urn, right click on the plank... and magic happens! If you drag plank, everything works as usual, but if you right click... You can copy anything. Good Night! ComR
  7. We have keychains and maps that stay on our characters after death. Why hasn't the Creator Cube been set up in a similar way? All I'm suggesting is if a person has the cube in their inventory, it stays on them after respawning. Manually dropping would be the only way to remove it from inventory.
  8. sometimes when dragging an object between a chest and the player inventory, the objects get stuck in the transfer and both the object and the block become unusable unless I reload the game. This issue happens across all placed chests in the same location that the failed transfer occurs. The objects can sometimes be seen floating on a random spot of the screen. I have tried to replicate this issue, but it seems to happen randomly and frequently. Has anyone else experienced this issue? all provided screenshots are of different chests and a single instance of the issue during a single gameplay.
  9. TheGous4

    Feedback and Ideas

    Hello, I only Played the Game now for 11 Hours, isnt much but more than other Games where i logged in and Played for 10 Minutes logged out and Deleted them, and they had 10 or more gb as a example, this Game is Awesome, i Love it and i allways Play it with my Brother, one of the best Games i have Played, it keeps up with Skyrim in my List, it is in my ''one of the best Games'' Categorie in Steam there are 7 Games in there with Ylands, not much when you got 200 Games. I cant say much to it because 11 Hours isnt much but i got a few things i dont like. When you Build with Single Blocks it is a littlebit meh, sometimes the Block doesnt go the Way i want, but its fine better then it wouldnt work at all. And the Sorting thing, i would like something where you Press a Button and it Sorts Automaticly (Chest and Inventory), the Chests have no Space at all in my Opinion, there are so much Items in the Game (very Cool) that i needed to make alot of Chests. When i Search a Ore or some things like Clay, its Hard to Say which is what if you know what i mean. When you Loot Bamboo Trees, takes very Long, Aoe Loot with one Click would be Awesome. 2 Real Problems there are: When you try to put a item in the Chest thats already in there, with Right Click or Drag and Drop, it doesnt Stack Automaticly like it should, you need to take it out First, then Stack them together and then Put them again in. Second one: When you try to Play with a Person and both cant Connect to each other, i know you can Port Forwoard and stuff, but i dont do that, the Game has to work without something like this, all Games i Played with other People got that Working without any Problems, i dont Attack you with that, i just Say, i understand that its in Early Acces so its Fine but i thought i just Mention it, but to Play on Official Server with my Bro and other People is also Fun, even tho you dont see them much, the Buildings are great when you see them, Feels like there are other People on the Yland But there are more things i like to it then i dont like, these are the only things Actually, i dont Say what i like because you wouldnt even Read it thats how long it would be, its an Awesome Game, i didnt even know you could make a Game like that with Half of a Gb lol, its Insane how Fun it is, when you take Gta 5 it has 60 gb and isnt that Fun for me atleast, keep on the Work, also what me Surprised yesterday is that you get Free Coins that you can Buy Skins, thank you for that also besides the Free Skins already! Sorry for my Bad English, i try my best
  10. I keep getting a really strange bug, and I haven't seen any other posts about this. It usually happens when I have a full inventory and I'm moving a lot of items around. After a while random objects almost disapear from the actual item nodes, and further inspection shows the image tile in entirely the wrong place, usually bottom left of the inventory UI. When this happens, I can no longer interact with the objects, and have to exit the game and rejoin again. I only ever get this bug when my inventory is more than three-quarters full. Any ideas?
  11. If you open a container while in one of your containers in your inventory like the herb bag , seed box , soil box etc and transfer one of your items to the container content window on top of an item it transfers the item no matter what it is. eg: Stone,tools,food, etc
  12. Hello! I am rather new to this forum but I have played Ylands over at a friends place and ever since then I've been following the game. (Going to buy it next month for myself and a couple of friends at the end of the month) As a small 'Introduction' I am a long time Arma and Dayz player. Favorite genres, of course, RPG, Survival, Action, Adventure (Basically Ylands minus the 'RPG?') Anyhow, I have worked previously at gaming companies such as EA and Ubisoft, and while not being proud about it, I learnt things, and the thing I learnt the most, some of the most interesting features usually get cut out because they seem 'Useless', so here I have a couple/few suggestions that will make it more interesting for the player,and they're not 'that' hard to implement (altho does require a bit of extra scripting). P.S. I didn't actually search the forum as much since I am currently at work, and these ideas popped in my head while driving to work so I deeply apologize if these suggestions have been made already. Tool Belt I did notice a forum post about this but this is actually a tad different. I have played Modded Minecraft quite a lot in my day and one of my favorite mods was the 'Tool belt' mod. I will not say what the minecraft mod does, I will simply say how I can think it would fit in Ylands (it's pretty similar to the minecraft mod) The player can craft a Tool Belt, and when equiped on a 'waist' slot or just when having it in the inventory, it would unlock 3 extra slots on the character panel. These slots would be : Left Hip, Right Hip, Back. In these slots, the players can equip any tool/weapon and they would show up on the actual character model. As an extra feature to this, in the radial menu, the player can access the tool belt and pick one of the 3 tools to use. (A holster/unholster feature) When a tool/weapon is selected in the radial menu, the weapon disapears from the character model and shows up in their hands which they can then use. When selecting the same tool/weapon in the radial menu, it would then get holstered, showing up back on the player model. Backpacks Since most of my experience with the game is from youtube videos and a short playthrough at someone else, I noticed a slight lack of 'back' items. So in the backpack slot, allow us to add in, besides the propeler pack, the containers that we now have, for keys, potions, herbs etc. The container itself would still be in the characters inventory, but when dragged in the back slot, it would also show up on the character. Face Slot Add in a 'face' slot where the player can equip cosmetics, for example, an eye patch, for that pirate life, a monocle for the well read librarian, or a bandana around the face for the looter in us. The above is quite self explanatory, also I know that some helmets go over the face for example the Mark 1 Helmet, and to this, comes the next suggestion! Toggleable Cosmetics This is quite a simple thing, add a litle checkbox between the head slot (and beside the slots added by my suggestions, like the hips, back and face slot) which when pressed, it would toggle the equiped item in that slot, invisible. Fixing any clipping issue that may occur with my suggestions and also just adding that extra bit of armor to the head without having to always see a helmet you don't like. EDIT Attachable Rope This will definitely be an interesting feature to add, although a lot harder to implement. Basically allow the player to attach an end of the rope to one object, and the other end to another object. Also allow it to be attached to horses.. This can make for an interesting 'towing' feature to be added (which continues in my next suggestion) Free Moving Chassis This would basically be sort of an interesting mechanic if combined with the above. The player can attach the rope to a chassis that can be pulled/moved around by just pushing/pulling it In turn allowing the player to create like sort of a wheelbarrel, or trailer that can be attached to a vehicle or horse. So when the player would drive/ride the trailer will follow along. Grappling Hook Combined with the above, the player can craft a grappling hook. Basically a 'throwable' rope that can attach to objects, allowing the user to then climb up on it or swing from it.. if such physics can be implemented. 'Pickup-able' object Combined with the above, basically an object that the player can interact with and hold on to it. Basically using it for the wheelbarrel, attach this block/item to the chassis and the player can then interact with it in order to move said chassis around. This can be interesting if attached to one end of the rope, while the other end is attached to a tree or a chassis. In the first, the player can jump, grab onto the interactable end of the rope (the pickup-able object) then swing across a gap. Or pull a chassis from further apart END OF EDIT These are all the suggestions I currently have in mind, I would also like to photoshop some images later to give you an idea of what I had in mind. Now.. the main part is, 'Why should we implement this?' Well let me explain it slightly. These are mostly 'useless' features, maybe except the toolbelt one. I personally am a nerd when it comes to seeing my characters equipped with different weapons on their body and such. And it adds to the immersion. Some players may think this is 'useless' as well, but at the end of the day each one of us has that lil thing of wanting to make the craziest, wildest or the most badass character in terms of looks. So I think this would add to that factor. But.. 'Why us, as a company, should we add this in if it's a useless feature?' Well.. I was thinking at this too, and with the slight marketing experience I have.. it would add an incentive to players to actually buy skins for weapons, tools and other stuff that they can see on their character. Currently you only see what you hold in your hand from your hotbar.. So if you only use a sword, for example, you'd buy a skin for that sword and never look at others because you can only see one weapon/tool at a time. So having like.. (Example) A revolver on your right hip, a sword on your left hip and a musket on your back, that can be visible at all times, it adds an incentive to the player, to actually buy skins for those weapons, so that others can see them. And that they, as players, can see them as well after purchase. This might be a weak suggestion in this alpha state, but since it requires a bit of scripting, it'd be easier to implement sooner rather than later, to iron out bugs and other stuff with the help of players.
  13. First of all, sometimes my items and weapons get bugged when I drag these on my item bar and when I broke a weapon or tool, I can see it under the inventory slots but I can do anything with these. Also I've seen that the perfomance of my computer is beeing slower as long as I play Ylands, I checked it out and I saw that the game is using a huge amount of RAM memory and but I think that its a bit too much for my computer.
  14. Jack Daniels-89bfd34d5db2a56c

    Larger Inventory and more.

    Hello! I bought the game back in December and have been playing it. Really what I'd wish for and i think other people too is Larger Backpack to craft or obtain. It's just not enough what game gives to you or like additional row of tools to equip. Also game is missing story/missions, it could give a lot to game. Booze or grog would be nice to add and if you drink one of those you would get drunk. Oh and one thing more, could you make ships hull empty that players could build in them. Thanks!
  15. revisoryvirus

    Here's some Feedback

    Hey! I've played the game 60+ hours now and I have some feedback. - I do a lot of inventory management, and it's getting a bit tedious. We have 45 slots in our inventory. 17 or so spaces are used up by tools, repair kits, soil/herb/seed container(+), a weapon and a map. Every time I farm for wood, my inventory is filled with bark. Bark does only go up to 20 stacks, and I don't understand why. Bark is not very useful. You can use it as fuel or make bark armor. Wood pieces go up to 200 stacks and are what I use as fuel if not coal. So when my inventory is full of bark, the best way to get rid of them is to make a chest and fill it up with bark. #barkbarkbark - The other way to get rid of bark is to use the "destroy" function, but I can only destroy one at a time? I may be dumb here, but I can't find any way to "destroy" a whole stack, it would help a lot. Maybe a warning message first if you have butterfingers. - Would be great if the green lines showing the electricity was hidden, and only visible when used special goggles (or the engineering helmet). - If you make a cube out of stone panels (or stone bricks or whatever), and want to fill it with dirt, it's not going to be easy. The reason is the dirt goes through the walls, I really wish they didn't. - I bet this one is a faq, but a water bucket(or a water gun(thingie) made with the locksmith table) to make water features in a garden or make a river, would be great. - If your ship is stuck or you may be clumsy with a pickaxe or a shovel and dig in the sand in the water by the shore. It will make big ugly rings in the water, and it's no way to fix it. The sea will now permanently have a big outline in the water, and it looks weird. - It can be sometimes difficult to notice how hungry my ylander is if the chat box is used a lot, a hunger bar would be appreciated - When seagulls collide with my ship, it's the scariest thing ever. The ship get's flung everywhere!(pretty sure you know this already ) - When I traveled to a Yland, the underground cave was blown up! Monsters were on the surface of the yland, and those "red-glow-in-the-dark-crystals" everywhere. When I went and collected all the crystals I could find, and killed radioactive animals, the lighting was all over the place. It went dark, light, dark, light and so on. But I was still outside, but the game thought I was in a cave. - In the crafting menu, we have some panels. I wish there was a panel for crafting stations. - I made my base in a rainforest, I can't play with the sound on. The rain is SO loud! A weather effect slider in the volume options would be awesome! This is only what I could think of right now, great game! Looking forward to new features
  16. (Kreativmodus) Nach ca. 5 Minuten fehlen Gegenstände im Inventar
  17. UrTypicalJedi15

    KNOWN ISSUE Inventory Glitch

    I was collecting quite a lot of resources so I decided to empty some out to collect others I needed. When I collected the items they went in my inventory, but instead of being placed in an empty slot, the items glitched into the bottom of the inventory. This would be fine, if I could still access them. I can't drag them around or use them at all. On top of all of that they still take up an inventory slot and I can't place another item in those slots to try and unstick the glitched items. I have tried many different ways to try and fix this and the only thing that works is killing myself and grabbing my items again and even then it happens again regardless of how empty my inventory appears to be. This might have to do with how fast I collect items, maybe I collect too many too fast and the collection gets screwed somehow but that's just a theory. If this could be fixed in the next patch or in a soon future patch that would really help. Thank you guys, I love the rest of the game and keep up the good work! I linked a photo, there are two items stuck at the bottom, a rope and unfortunately a saw, and I cannot access them.
  18. Hey it s me again =) OK so far we have a few inventory containers, seeds, keys, pigments, soils, coals, herbs, seashells. Now comes the greedy part, how about MORE containers for: Tools, Stones (stone chunks, marble, sandstone...), Ores, Crystals, Meats, Furs, Wood (logs, sticks, bark, wooden pieces), Fruits, Vegetables, Ammo? This would not only clear the inventory but also give a sort of classification by type that would not be bad... like categories, but by containers. Vote and UpVote if you like it =)
  19. From time to time after moving or picking up items, items in my inventory appear out of the inventory tab and are now on my screen. These items I can not use or drag but do disappear when I exit my inventory. I’ve noticed this mostly happens in multiplayer. Please fix this.
  20. So like it says we need sort by Alphabetic Name exc. All the tabs from crafting as well as a couple others would be very nice. Tired of organizing all my accessory storage boxes, herb bag, seed container exc you get the picture. Also please add an Ore Box, and the well needed tool belt. Thx guys keep up the work, game is getting wife aggro so your doing a good job. would love to be able to move this or delete please.
  21. When crafting the inventory item shown for the work station is a random item and not the work station item so when looking for the workstation to construct it is difficult to find by image/icon Build (countless colors)
  22. Hi Everybody, I died without any reason when I logged out and later continued my game. Needed to create a new character, and I spawned on my first Island. After I reached the Island I was last before dying, I did not find any tombstone or whatsoever on top of my base, where i logged off at that time. So is there a timer for the tombstone? How long the items will last on the map? Someone has an idea about that?
  23. This bug is still happening even after the update. It keeps happening a lot to me. I have to log out and log in every time this happen, it's annoying as hell. I can't move the bugged item and can't move other items to it's place
  24. Jamie McLaughlin


    Hi I have just starting playing the game and just to say that for an early access game there is a lot of content and so much to do. I was wondering if it was possible that withing the crafting and inventory system tabs that there are sub tabs for metal, wood, cloth, leather and so on to be able to narrow down the assets. Thank you
  25. Hi, And toolbelt would be a nice addition. Sometimes, there is no room for anything when I have all tools and materials needed. I have to constantly drop something or pickup something. Additionally sometimes certain recipes are shown only if you have all needed tools and materials and you have to look for everything in yout chests. BTW. General purpose backpacks should be a good thing. Just think about it: - Small one (made of grass/leather/cloth and rope? Knife needed?) - 3-6 slots (called front packets or front pack?, breadbag?, so it will not interfere with your flying machine or drivin or swimming. - Normal backpack (made of 2xrope, 2xcloth or 2xleather, 2xsticks/poles, knife/sewing kit needed) 9-12 slots (instead of flying machine, you cannot drive then nor swim). - Giant Backpack or Cargo Pack (something funny looking, like Monty Python's Holy Grail servants' backpacks) (made of 2 planks, 5 nails, 3xcloth/leather, 4xrope, hammer and sewing kit needed... and flag or wind indicator for fun) - slows you down much, make you more hungry (?), makes you unable to swim, but you have additionall 9-12 general purpose slots. You could leave any backpack on the ground and use it as mobile chest... Also, since we can tame horses and they are usually following us, why not to make saddles/pack to use horses as packhorses? Then 15 slots would be ok, horses are strong... - Pack horse equipement (4 planks, 10 nails, 4 cloth, 2 leather, 6 ropes, hammer, knive and sewing kit needed). However simple bags or baskets whick could be carried (even if only few slots - 6), would be nice for collecting mushrooms, frutti di mare, eggs, feathers, sticks, bark and woodpieces.... All in one, or mushroom basket, fruit and vegetable basket... All The Best, Bartosz