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Found 42 results

  1. Many of the larger slabs, panels etc are 4x4 in size. Can we have some 3x3 block sizes? And also 1x1, 2x1, and 3x3 Marble blocks, please. PS. This game is a builders delight!
  2. Hi, I love free placing, I think everyone loves the idea, however there is one big problem - at least for me: There are places where I want to add free placed item, but in line with grid of existing building, for example I want "medieval stick window", but with glass in the same place. Or, I need to place last brikh, but there is something already on the way. When I'm placing the window/brick everything works ok., the obvious problem is red marking and "there is something in the way" or "there is no room" etc. So, I need and want to free place the window/brick, but... when I hit "V" window/brick dissappear from carefully chosen place and I need to move it again, what's worse - I cannot move next item "one brick" to the left - I can only move it "freely"... So, I cannot place things one next to each other fast in free mode (however pre-build structures in Ylands looks to be built this way - I'm talking abour obviously free placed items). So, I have 4 simple ideas which could save hours of work for all of us, including Ylands atists (if they have to build items as we do): 1) If you are placing bricks/logs/anything on the grid and you want to place in on the grod, but "free place it" - hit "V", but do not let Ylands start placing object from the begginning - let it be in the same, aleady chosen x,y,z and already chosen rotation. 2) Alternativly - when you are placing bricks on the grid, but red marking appear, let us hold "V" ("V" for example - it can be anything, let us bind the key) and left click: then item will be "free placed", but on the grid, when you planned it to be. 3) When you want to move free placed objects or bricks within "barrier" range: select empty hand (?), point at item you want to move, hold "V" key and item should show moving menu as always in free placing mode. 4) When you are placing in free mode, add one more option/toggle button: "move object by whole step / rotate object 90 degrees" (as it is in normal, grid placing mode - I don't remember dimensions of the smallest block, but it should be default one). The thing would allow us to free build custom walls made of sticks, stones, fish, leaves and so on - possibilities would be endless!!! And building would be much, much, much faster! 5) When you are placing bricks you can always hit "V" and place the same item freely, but you cannot do the opposite and hit "V" again for placing fish/stone or sticks to the grid, for example - that would be extremely useful!!! When I see ready-made structures in Explore mode, for example carrot fields, they seem to be placed to grid. It would be great if we could plant to grid too, or at last we could see where we are planting something as we can ain in FP mode while picking, shoveling or hitting. When you plant trees it's not a big problem, but when you try to plant something in planting pots - it's really tricky. And, btw: we can build planting pots, but we cannot move plants in them (for example with the ship). Is this a bug or future planned thing? It would be great if we could plant something in a pot and carry it with us in inventory and free place these as we wish. BTW: Few bugs: 1) Sisal Agave leaves cannot be stored in Herb Bags. 2) Grain plants cannot be stored in Herb Bags. 3) Bamboo Shoots cannot be stored in Seed Boxes. 4) Oyster shells cannot be stored in Shell Jars. 5) "Broken" plants are not automatically stored in Seed Boxes (seeds) and Herb Bags (grass) - not very big problem, but it is, when we have full inventory - and we have inventory full all the time. 6) Coal basket should be able to store "wooden pieces" in my humble opinion... as it is the most common fuel, I think. 7) Savannah Grass (the long, yellow grass) leaves only one seed - this is a problem if you plan to grow it. 8) I checked it again - any birds hunted in the air leaves nothing unless hit close to you, so you can feathers and meat falling. If bird is hit so meat or feathers fall behing your line if sight - birds leave nothing at all. 9) Animals - all of them - if hunted under steep slope or mountain in many cases are leaving meat and hide "into the slope", so it all falls down into the center of the Earth. And a good news for the end: One puma respawned on my Yland after 60 Ylands days? In the same time, my four horses went crazy and I have almost 20 horsies! Do I need more than one animal or at last one animal of a kind to let them respawn? How does it work? In first distributed Ylands version animals respawned much more often. Happy Ylanding, Bartosz
  3. Is there a tool or method for demolishing stone blocks quickly? As of now, it takes ages for anything I try, and it discourages me from building in stone in fear that I might want to change the build later. Advice?
  4. Hello, I am looking to build a particular type of ship in Ylands. I know you can build over/surround the in-game hulls to make your ship bigger, or look completely different. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to accomplish the bow and stern shapes for the picture included below. I would love to make this look like an old-fashioned steam yacht with a "luxury" interior. I'm still a bit new to the game and not quite sure how people manage curves and other more complex building techniques. Any help given is greatly appreciated. If I do somehow manage to pull this off I will gladly share it on the workshop. Thanks in advance!!
  5. 1x2 Triangle placement- One might think that you could piece together the blocks you have provided in a tight knit manner, the 1x2 triangles are essentially 1x2 rectangles split diagonally and used to make walls or beams at angles, for roof tops, lets say. You cannot complete a rectangle with 2, 1x2 triangles if both sides of the shape are taken up by other blocks....in other words, lets say I have a hole in a floor with the exact shape you provide, a 1x2 triangle, this will not fit, it will say "There is not enough space" I have attached screen shots of what I mean. This should not happen, i should be allowed to place this block into this space. Suggestions: Maps - A major quality of life improvement for the map is needed, mainly just all the typical things you see in every single other game out there, way points, marking the map with symbols to mark locations, etc. Also maybe you can somehow share map information with people? Lets say I make a map and the person I give it to will see the things I have uncovered and they can explore from that point? Maybe the ability to hot key it if it's in your inventory but not in your action slots? Potential block shapes - Thin planks (no, not the ones that are provided) but ones that are straight and thin that can be placed along beams or pier supports individually? A block shape that fills the gap where two triangular roof top materials meet, you have this shape in a normal 1x1 block, but not a 1x2x2 roof shape. Make the world more alive - It's a great world so far but it needs more danger and action....people who like to make their own games privately won't have much "adventure" if there is no other dangers besides some beasts to contend with, maybe add in some bandits, pirates, or even friendly villages and towns you can discover? Please make the sea full of life, keep adding to it as much as you can. Keep adding in more building assets and terrestrial animals, plants, trees, birds, etc. I'm having a fun time so far, keep up the good work, thank you!
  6. Antimidation


    Free placement- When you go into free place mode with "V" not all objects are are set to the grid at a 45 degree manner, a lot of them are rotated on it's axis and you have to do a good deal of flipping and adjusting to get it straight. It's easier to go to a natural placement of your choosing from a snapped object than it is to go from a straight placement from a slightly off object. Keep a standard across the board when it comes to building. I should be able to place a board that comes into the world at a 45 degree angle, that way i can use the hot keys to flip it and maintain a straight line. Horse behavior- Maybe if there was an option to tie a horse to an object and have it sit still? Maybe add in saddles and harnesses? Rigging a horse to a tree or the beam of a building or ship should be a thing. Arrows/Spears- There should be a way of retrieving arrows if you want, and also the ability to throw a spear and also retrieve it, this is of course optional....if you can't find the arrow or you don't care then don't bother, but have the option please. You could put a timer on these so they don't stay in the world or have a cap on how many do. Build Mode- There should be a specific build mode, much like when you press V for free placement you could go into build mode any time without necessarily carrying an object that can be placed on the grid, while in this mode everything is editable and removable so you wouldn't have to worry about hardened materials. Potential weapons/Objects/Animals/Fishing- How about a harpoon Gun and/or the ability to use the spear under water? Fishing Net, Cranes, Scaffolding, Smaller railing for ships, railing at an angle for stair cases. Make the oceans diverse with life, as big as whales, as small as sardines and shrimp. Maybe fishing could be an interesting sub game? Keep track of fish you catch, what species they are, how much they weighed? Physically show fish in the ocean, in schools, at different levels and as varied and diverse as you can. Ships- It would be great if you could make ships hollow and give them cargo holds that we can either build ourselves or allow us to get below decks and set up rooms and customize as much as possible. Cannon ports, port holes, round windows, statues to decorate the bow of the ship, etc. Allow us to paint the ships and other things if we want?
  7. Hi, after the lastest patch i discovered a bug in multiplayer. When i try to build a ship hull fore ore a shipp hull aft as the host, the game starts to laag and the modell pushes the boat. Additionally I cant build these objects. Its now very difficult to build a large ship in multiplayer, because the players, who joined have laags when they are on the boat. Pls fix these two bugs ASAP.
  8. Blueprints!!! Pls add blueprints 😕pls > make something in editor > save composition > set as a blueprint > play exploration > go to crafting > press blueprints > check and collect resources needed > build!!!! Ex. A dock A big beautiful house And more We dont need to go back to back to exploration and editor multiple times to enjoy exploration if we have blueprints!! pls put it😕
  9. Lupowop

    Moving Big Ticket Items

    Hi all I'm brand new and in love with Ylands so far... so i'm building (alot) and found a nice place to set up shop near my original spawn. As I'm sure everyone has done... I plopped everything down on a flat'ish piece of land near the beach... Then I started gathering, building, unlocking, terraforming, etc... I'm now at the point where I have a masterplan for my base... I would like to move the kilns, furnaces, stoves, storage, etc around... what are my options?? I have tried to search for this topic but could not find an answer. Is there a way to pick up a big ticket item like a blacksmith forge and move it or do i just have to build a new one... If the latter is the case... How do I go about destroying one that I build previously? thanks in advance for any help/suggestions
  10. I am aware that this may have already been suggested but I couldn't find anything. As we all know, the destruction of blocks is frustrating at the moment. Building anything can be difficult if not downright stressful at times taking away from the creativity side of things in survival and dissuading from experimentation. I think that a great compromise for the Dev's vision and the requests of the players would be to add an upgrading system to the blocks placed in a building. This could be implemented in a way using in game assets, i.e. Using sticks/wood pieces to upgrade beams and wood blocks and stones to upgrade stone blocks. Each stick/wood piece could increase the durability of a wood block by 2-3 up to a max of 10-15 extra hits of durability with wood blocks having an initial durability of 5, stones reacting similarly however they could add 5 durability at a time with a max addition of 25 hit points. This could be further expanded with adding a "reinforcement" option to stone blocks using iron bars and a combination of items. Each reinforced block could add an additional 25 durability to a stone block. Regardless, the game is tons of fun! And I am enjoying exploring and surviving in a somewhat difficult setting!
  11. Me and my friend discovered some bugs while playing Multiplayer (I try to recreate these bugs with screenshots and videos later): The wooden raft begins to float in the air when the water level gets lower due to digging and building. Sometimes when picking up items, plants etc. you're character gets stuck in the picking up animation or completely freezes. Map resetting when disconnected (known bug) The water has a very weird behavior when the sand beneath it is modified. Sometimes it completely disappears. It also sometimes generates holes in the water. Every time i walk past a sail on a ship i get teleported to the side and fall from the ship. The ship is a little glitchy in general, when im not in control of the ship. (This doesn't happen to the host) Another bug from the ship is that when i climb up the ladder, it keeps the swimming animation until i jump. (This is only visible for myself, not for other players) Sometimes items that are picked up or crafted are not visible until you scroll the inventory. These are all bugs we found for now, im gonna update this post if we find more.
  12. Hey, I just bought the game yesterday, and I used the creative mode option for my world! I already am obsessed with the game, and I really love the entire aspect!! I am an interior designer at heart, and am going to go to college for interior design and things around interior design, and when I build my house, I just realized that it is really bland! There weren't that many modern amenities, or things that looked like it would fit in with my house! Although this problem was sort of a big one, I still enjoy the game so much, and really am glad that I bought it. Another thing about the game that I would LOVE to see implemented is PreFabs! Like blueprints in which you can create, and then place it wherever you desire, and then gather the resources to create it! It's like a layout plan, and a really helpful tool for those who can't build houses that look good, and stuff like that. Thanks for giving me your time. -Matt
  13. Hello. I am having some issues with a multiplayer server i sett upp. Me and a friend are playing together, and my friend has to log inn and out to see when something new is buildt on the boat. This sometimes happens on land aswell, but it is constantly broken on the boat.
  14. chivas477

    Suggestion on new blocks

    It would really help workshop creators, on the pixel art department, if there were blocks, cubes of all the colors. What i find lacking most of the times is, a black colored block (#000000) and dimgray (#2E2E2E), other ones but not so important are cyan (#00FFFF) and pink (#FFC0CB), im using the chocolate block as a replacement for pink but the brown part of the cube makes it useless in some cases. (Implementing this on scenario only should not take massive resources and make things a lot more easier on the creation parts, especially on pixel art but of course it helps in other areas.) On the normal game perspective, it could come with a painting system, where you get dyes from plants that you then can paint a block with the color of the dye.(I understand that implementing this on the normal game would be harder, as such you will need to create more than the blocks with the colors) Colored blocks would make it a lot easier to create art. I'm certain the team already thought about this topic, as it's not that revolutionary idea, but postponed it for another time to focus on more important stuff Love the game, keep up the good work
  15. AlchemistDagger

    UNDER REVIEW boat problems

    I first want to say I love this game. Been playing for about 2 weeks now. I built a large hull and made a large cabin on the back end of it. I placed 4 stone chests on the boat that work fine. I then placed a bed and a couple cabinets. I can't access the bed or cabinets and I can walk right through the bed and cabinets. I also can not destroy them. second bug I found is when building the cabin the ship placement grid is different from the world grid. But when I go to rotate the block and switch axis (holding H and pressing right mouse button), it uses the global grid on the boat which results in angled turning as seen in the 3rd photo.
  16. Staavre

    Building underwater

    So when building underwater and looking up, a plethora of image artifacts pop up and glitch all around the screen.