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Found 93 results

  1. Please consider putting in an automatic feature or an option to allow automatic stacking of items in a player/item inventory. This should only be done when an item is first picked up and placed into the inventory or when an item or a number of like items are being transferred to another inventory (to-from chest/etc), not when a player is manipulating items already there (to allow for stack splitting). This should help alleviate inventory management for players, as well as to help optimize entity data and other background inventories on the map.
  2. abab AAbb

    Y-axis mouse sensitivity?

    A way to change the y-axis mouse sensitivity would be nice, right now my mouse turns me left/right much faster than up/down
  3. Jared Diamond

    Germs? - Suggestion

    YLANDS is a great game, through my efforts I'd like to ensure it stays that way. In Rust, by facepunch studios, almost every server has atleast one or multiple Zurgs, a large groups whose main purpose is to attack smaller groups, I think it'd be smart to avoid this in YLANDS. But how? by creating disease! make it so that people in large groups are more susceptible of contracting disease. I would refrain from making it impossible to group up in big groups but just make it harder for people who wish to do so (which would most likely force people to be in smaller groups). Maybe make disease spread through animals which you have to hunt in order to feed yourself? (Another suggestion is to add the ability to domesticate and breed animals. which could ultimately eliminate disease over time?). There are animals in the game which are foreign to your island. For example if you spawn on a grassland island the common animals you'll find are; wolfs, bears, goats, and the list goes on. if you were to venture to an island that has a different climate and therefore different species of animals, the disease they carry could slowly kill you. Let me know what you guys think, my feelings wont be hurt ;), so be as critical as you want. If my suggestion is redundant then say it is. Edit: I am unsure if I like my own suggestion so I'll leave it up for others to decide. I think the idea of germs is too complex to add to such a simple game, but I could be wrong.
  4. Jared Diamond

    Crafting System

    When I initially started up Ylands I felt as if I was extremely limited by the crafting system. With time I managed to get used to the system but it still confuses me from time-to-time. When you click an item you cant craft there may be an item you havent seen before. On the left side of your screen you see the necessary resources to craft the item. I think it'd be a great idea if you could click on the item and it would lead you to it's recipe. As an example: Making glass. You click on raw glass and the game brings you to the same interface you get when you open a Glass Forming Stand. I fail to see how this would take out any survivability of the game, and therefore think that it would only make gameplay more pleasing.
  5. BUG: I recently been working with triggers, and found some bugs, moving objects after a number of times the relative position coordinates get messed, you can easily see in a recently composition i made (elevator) after a number of uses the lever starts being moved with a higher value of Y making it float on the air in the elevator. (used time triggers with move entity instantly relative positions, for levers, floor and player, some for going up, some for going down) Suggestion#1: Noticed that the event trigger: Ask Player, is not case sensitive, i know that it's to save the trouble of not having to input upper case versions of the answer. But i feel like it removes some custom answers, for example, if a player answers in upper cases, having as a reply: there was no need for yelling, just as an example. It would be wonderful if in the trigger there was a check option to enable or disable case sensitive. BUG screenshots, it seems to happen when i go both directions up and down, if i keep moving up it doesn't happen at least 99% of the times Time trigger to move both levers up 0.3 y (the second lever is bellow in EVENT#1 and it is the same except the entity id, because it's the other lever) Time trigger to move both levers down -0.3 y (the second lever is bellow in EVENT#1 and it is the same except the entity id, because it's the other lever) Hope you take this info into consideration when tweaking the trigger system
  6. I know the game is still alpha and there's a lot of features that have higher priority and need more attention than the ones im suggesting down bellow. Just giving an idea for a feature down the line that would be interesting Was wondering for people seeking a more challenging experience, if the server host or a workshop creator could have a slider for Creature Damage% and Creature HP%(i know that in workshop you can change hp of mobs for each one, im talking about making it a global variable). I know now it wouldn't make that much difference, i am just thinking about it as a future feature, when there is more variety of creatures and the existence of npcs. For Workshop only: /-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Custom Npcs and Dialogue options, make it possible to script a dialogue with an npc, like a rpg. /-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ It would make the game experience more customizable. The damage/health slider for creatures would make the game harder/easier, making servers more different from each other. A mod in minecraft that i really enjoy made this possible, you could script dialogues and change appearance, stats inventory, ingame in this case. Here is a picture of the minecraft mod, CustomNpcs.
  7. Altarys

    Pointer and Suggestion!

    Hello Dev-Team! I had some trouble with the pointer or dot at the center of the screen! Sometimes when I try to hit the enemy, I can hit 1/3 of the time. Also when trying to mine, I can see there is an another pointer (green) going on but never centered with the current pointer. So I was wondering if it was meant to be that way, otherwise, it's just a little bit confusing sometimes! For my suggestion, I suggest some traps for wild animals and better defensive ability! I know there is the wooden spike, thus I don't very know how to use them... and if their purpose is for traps! Other than that, great game! And please, continue your great job! It's a very innovative game in its own way and surpasses a lot of alpha game currently in our world!
  8. The energy system is great, but today i tried to design a city and the roads full of streetlights seemed a bit odd, with all this nuclear green connections. It would be cool if it's possible to "hide" the connections when we are not changing them. I don't know if there's some way to do that, in that case sorry for the post. Greetings
  9. When I cut a tree down, then It's fall down to the ground the sound of this is too loud. Fix it pls.
  10. Aethelis


    hey. this might be something for waay later, but i really like to see something to make tree houses. they could be items like the shiphulls, but, well, in shape of a big, gnarled tree (actualy there could be several versions, matching the existing treetypes). it would come without platforms and such, but offer some interesting spots to start building. some additional items would flesh the concept out, like ropebridges for example, and organic shapes for floors/roofs. those'll be useful for non-treehuggers too.. a problem i see would be fitting roofs and such, as building items cant be built "into" eachother.
  11. Aethelis

    Shiphull Variations

    hey, rolled some thought about different ships and hullshapes lately. most would be mostly cosmetic differences i guess, but there could be some differences in draft and such. and while i'm fine with whats available currently, i hope that there will be others in the future. two i'd like personaly a lot, would be a longship and trieme/galley styled hull, maybe even two sizes too. then there could be hulls of iron or steel, would be nice if those had a different shape too. secretly i hope for steampowered machines in the game and that could also be used well for ships, be they flying or normal wavebound ones
  12. Aristodikos


    As the Title say we need fishing
  13. Aristodikos

    Sleeping on multiplayer

    So, Bed is kinda useless in multiplayer because you cannot sleep. Ok then, here is a list of suggested uses on beds on multiplayer 1. Respawn point 2. For 6-7 game hours to prevent some feelings like hungry while sleeping
  14. As I've said before, absolutely loving this game. I do want to mention at least 3 bugs; The horse bucking (which is hilarious) sort of gives a lasting epileptic seizure ^^ Kinda funny but distracting lol. Another bug is when you use the sleeping mat, sometimes your character decides that it's not time to wake up yet and will go instantly back to sleep. I absolutely love the way the mats work though! Last bug (off the top of my head) is that things put into the hotbar (tools etc) seem to get bumped by objects you pick up; most notably if you're holding something. And lastly not sure if this is a bug; but rocks on top of the ground are difficult to target with the pick; only seem to be able to remove them with an axe. One question I have; can blocks/buildings be dismantled (where you can reuse the blocks or have some sort of supply return)? Couple suggestions; a checkbox in the crafting menu where you can display all recipes (the ones unlocked so far) or the ones you have materials in your bag to craft with. Another suggestion is larger storage items; you can end up filling 2-3 barrels with just wood byproducts (lol just an example). Lastly; an autosort of the inventory would be nice. Loving this game, I can't wait to see what ya'll come up with!
  15. Hey Everyone! I would like to suggest that servers would have full plugin support? Maybe even a whole plugin framework! That would be awesome the amount of things that you can make with plugins! I am dreaming about this currently, this game is awesome already but plugins will make it even awesomer ;)!
  16. How about a possibility, aside of premade paintings, to add ability to make your own in-game? You'd craft an empty canvas, a brush, various paint buckets and water to clear brush. By using brush on paint bucket of specific color, you'd get ability to paint with it on a canvas. You can clear painting by using brush on water bucket. If you want to mix colors, you'd use brush on a bucket of paint in different color without cleaning brush first, resulting color would be mix of all the colors brush was used on without cleaning it in ratios proportional to how many times each color was used. So e.g. when you use clean brush once on blue paint and once on green (ration 1:1), you'll get yellow. If you then keep using brush on green paint, you'll start to get first greenish yellow (ratios 1:2, 1:3 ... 1:5) and then yellowish green (1:6...1:10). The colors would be mixed like paint would, not light. As for painting process itself, I'm thinking about something along the whiteboard in Duke Nukem Forever.
  17. Probably something you will hear requested allot is Infinite Terrain Generation, Have you though about this or if not Infinite much larger than the current Sizes available? Mixed Biomes, So having more than one biome in the world? I know currently we do have Tropical and another to which I forget that we are able to get in a single world but will we see the possibility have having possibly all the biomes in a single world? Cave Generation, Will we see the possibility of Caves being in the terrain generation? This actually could open up the ability to have Ore Veins in caves systems giving a large source of Ore's to obtain, Cave dwelling creatures and ores only obtainable at deep depths. Flat World Gen? So flat world without water for creative/map creation stuff.
  18. First of all, great game. There are some performance issues (which will be resolved in future I believe), but mostly the game is bugless. Now, onto feedback thing. The terrain tools need to be all in 3D, including flatten/paint/smooth ones. The current ones would be fine if the terrain would be a heightmap one, but it isn't (which is great, by the way). As it is now: The flatten tool fails to work properly if there are empty (air) voxels between the level you try to flatten the ground to and the terrain above.The material paint tool is hard to aim properly, even in first personSimilar to paint tool, smooth tool is hard to aim properly AND it's very hard (to the point of impossibility, although I think you can agree that there are no impossible things, there is only lack of skill needed to complete the task) to smooth out layered terrain, like e.g. when sculpting (example being dragon shown in the trailer, although I don't know whether it is terrain work or a prefab)As a Unity game developer myself (won't plug my game here, even though it also does low poly untextured, unless specifically asked by the devs/mods), I'd like to thank you for creating such easy to use and powerful building system. As a person who wants to do something similar in the future (although in more realistic setting), i.e. building from single building materials, such as bars, planks, bricks, etc., instead of slapping prefab walls, floors, etc. like e.g. in Rust, I'd like to ask you if you're using some tricks like combining meshes or if those are just freeform prefabs connected by nothing. Finally, one thing I'd add to the building system would be more kinds of bricks. Or at least ability to select material of one. Those sandstone ones can easily get boring, we need clay and stone bricks (and different kinds of stone). So far you've made great progress and I wish you best of look.